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Guidelines & Rules

Before you request support: Please read the documentation Search – many questions have already been answered, searching the site can give you immediate results. If you have not found an answer to your question, please post it in the appropriate section. Submitting a topic Be concise and precise: post one topic per single issue or […]

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Coupon code for Affiliates Enterprise

Hi, I have purchased your Affiliate Pro and I am hoping for the Affiliates Enterprise. I saw that on my account I had a coupon to get $59 off and when I clicked on it and added to the cart, it did not apply the coupon. Any way to fix that?

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Where to download the Affiliates WooCommerce Integration (not the light version)

Hi I have installed the Affiliates Pro plugin and following the documentations in this page ( I need the Affiliates WooCommerce Integration plugin but not the light version, every link in the admin under Affiliates -> Settings -> Integration seems to send to the light version where can I download It ? Thank you.

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Can you block affiliates unless they have perchased

I am looking at getting Affiliates Products and what i am thinking of doing is having say 3 or 4 different products but the Affiliate cant be an affilaite unless they have bought the product. So say the affilaite buys product 1 they can then earn a commision on product 1 but if they refers […]

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Presales Questions

Hey , is there any possibility to get in touch with somebody from the sales team? I have the following question: Lets say I have a product which costs 100USD , but this product belong to 3 parties. Now I want to be able to provide a specific share per person. Person one gets lets […]

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WooCommerce Referral Rate not working

I can’t get any purchases to show up under “Referrals”. 1. Ive set a commission under the product itself. 2. Affiliates > Settings > Commissions and set method to _Affiliate_WC_Method:product_rates 3. Affiliates > WooCommerce Intergration enabed and applied default rate 4. Commissions are not being documented.. Any help please !!!??

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Affiliate Pro Product Code with ID

Hi, I have Woocommerce, Affiliate pro + Integration Light installed ( As a newbie, I would like to learn and be able to explain to those who sign up to be an affiliate, in bullets points, the steps they need take once registered and logged into their Affiliate Area. More specifically how and where do […]

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Referral Rate by Product

I initally configured my Affiliates Pro to have a percentage rate only for certain products. The products tab has disappeared from my products now and I am not sure how to correct this and require some assistance. It seemed to disable by itself some time ago, possibly when an upgrade happened. I would also like […]

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Display Related Products & Coupons on Affiliate Pages

Hi, Two questions… 1. I’ve set up my affiliate page so they can track product commissions. I’d like to also display a list of products (with product page links) that are associated with their account. Is there a shortcode or html I can use to do this? 2. Is there a shortcode I can use […]

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