Affiliates Gravity Forms


Required plugins: Gravity Forms and Affiliates.

This extension integrates the Affiliates plugins (Affiliates, Affiliates Pro or Affiliates Enterprise) with Gravity Forms. You must have Gravity Forms and one of the Affiliates plugins installed and activated on your WordPress site. See the requirements and features based on Gravity Forms Add-Ons below for more details.

Affiliates Gravity Forms - Form Settings

This extension allows to record referrals for form submissions and to create affiliate accounts for new users based on Gravity Forms.

Affiliates Registration

Sign new users up as affiliates when they register through a user registration form handled by Gravity Forms’ User Registration Add-On.

Form Settings - Affiliate Registration

With the User Registration Add-On enabled, forms that are enabled for user registration, can also be used to sign up new users as affiliates while they register.

Form Referrals

Referrals can be recorded for form submissions that have been referred by an affiliate.

Form Settings - Referrals

The integration allows to set specific amounts per form submission which are credited to the referring affiliate and also allows to base the commission amounts on payment or order amounts related to the submitted form.

Form Submission Referrals

The referral status is adjusted automatically based on the payment status for several payment Add-Ons. Payments made through PayPal Payments Standard, PayPal Pro and automatically mark the related referrals as accepted, thereby validating the related commissions for the referring affiliates.

See the table below for more details on Add-On-related features.

Integration features for Gravity Forms Add-Ons

The following table summarizes key integration-features that are supported per Add-On:

Gravity Forms Add-On Integration Features
User Registration Create affiliate accounts for new users.
PayPal Mark referrals as accepted after payment. Update referral status according to payment status, payment refunds mark referrals as rejected.
PayPal Pro Mark referrals as accepted after payment. Update referral status according to payment status, payment refunds mark referrals as rejected. Mark referrals as accepted after payment.

Note that subscriptions are supported to a limited extent and that recurring payments will not record referrals.


The following minimum requirements must be met:

  • WordPress 3.8
  • Gravity Forms 1.8.1
  • Affiliates 2.5.0, Affiliates Pro 2.5.0 or Affiliates Enterprise 2.5.0
  • The appropriate Gravity Forms license and Gravity Forms Add-On when a feature related to an Add-On is required.


See the Affiliates Gravity Forms Documentation pages.


See the Affiliates Gravity Forms Demo site.


Affiliates Gravity Forms

Get the Affiliates Gravity Forms extension.


  • Dan

    Hi there,

    I have just bought the affiliate gravity forms plugin as i have the affiliates pro for woo-commerce plugin and as advised, the latest version of gravity forms.

    In following the steps, i realised that User Registration is nowhere to be seen in the form tab drop down.

    I then realised that this plugin only works with the $200 developers gravity forms plugin. Not Just the individual user one.

    It should have said it before purchasing….?

    • Dan

      It just says Gravity Forms 1.8.1, not Developers License.

    • Hi Dan,

      It states very clearly on the product page – quoting from there as it is right now:


      The following minimum requirements must be met:

      WordPress 3.8
      Gravity Forms 1.8.1
      Affiliates 2.5.0, Affiliates Pro 2.5.0 or Affiliates Enterprise 2.5.0
      The appropriate Gravity Forms license and Gravity Forms Add-On when a feature related to an Add-On is required.

      Why would you expect to have the User Registration Add-On included with this extension? The User Registration Add-On is available with the Gravity Forms developer license only and is of course not included with this extension.

      It really did say so before you purchased it :)

  • Regis

    Hi. Thank you for this plugin. I would like to include a ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ on my gravity form that translates to the from_date and thru_date of the affiliate ID. Is this possible?


    • Hi Regis, many thanks for using it :)

      Relating the start and end dates to form fields isn’t possible as it is, may I ask why you want to do that? Maybe I can help to figure out an alternative …

      • Regis

        Thanks for the reply Kento. I have a special use-case where my affiliates are really creating an event-based campaign that lasts for a limited time. They need to specify on the online registration form when their campaign ends. I was hopeful I could automate this by linking a gravity forms ‘End Date’ field with affiliate thru_date field.

        I would love to discuss in further detail what my specific needs are and what it may cost to have you implement this system. Are you able to email me direct?

        Thanks again!

  • Robert Ganski

    I have purchased the Gravity Forms and activated the plugin. I do not have a FORMS button on the nav bar in WordPress. Should I return this for a refund?

  • Robert Ganski

    Of course :) It’s activated but nothing after that. I cannot figure out where to get support. If it takes 24-48hrs just to get a counter question to my question, I might have this working by Christmas. The Share module I bought works, but is poorly documented too.

    • If you have Gravity Forms activated but the Forms menu doesn’t show up, then you should ask for support at because that is not related to this extension but to Gravity Forms itself. For questions related to this extension, you have found the right place to ask for support.

  • Julian James


    I have enabled the Referral Settings in the Affiliates Form Settings section but I am to set a Referral Amount. Every time I enter the value 1 in the box and click Save the Affiliates settings section refreshes with no text. Click on Affiliates again and I am returned to the Affiliates settings section but with a blank field for Referral Amount. Please would you advise on what needs to be done to resolve the problem.

    Many thanks!


    • Hi Julian,

      Have you selected “Referral Rate” as the “Default referral calculation”?

      Also a note on the value you try to use, if you set this to 1 it means that you grant 100% of the net order value as commission. For example, if you want to grant 20% commissions in general, then you would input 0.2 in that field.


  • Julian James

    Sorry, probably being a Muppet. I can’t find where to change the “Default referral calculation”. I’m only aware of the Affiliate Registration settings page when in Forms Settings > Affiliates. Is there a page elsewhere for configuration of additional settings?


    • No problem :) I should have mentioned that, you will find this in the Affiliates > Settings section, it’s the general setting for the referral rate that is applied to any affiliate.

      But re-reading your question makes me wonder if there is any conflict with your current setup. If you input 1 in any of the fields in the Affiliates section of the actual form, then it should look like in this screenshot.

      What current versions are you using please?

  • Julian James

    No sign of Affiliates > Settings only and

    Using Affiliates 2.6.0 and Affiliates Gravity Forms Integration 1.0.1

    • Oh ok, you’re using the Affiliates plugin, the Settings menu item is only in Affiliates Pro and Enterprise but that doesn’t matter as you can use the fields provided under Form Settings > Affiliates. Can you please try to input 0.1 in the Rate field under Referral Rate for the form you are testing and hit Save at the bottom?

      • Julian James

        Same problem as seen when inputting an Amount under the Referral Settings.

        On returning to Form Settings > Affiliates, no value stored.

        • Thanks Julian, the screenshot doesn’t show anything. Can you please provide admin access to the site? Please create an account for support at itthinx dot com and make sure to email us with a link to your site and to this comment so we know what to look for.

  • Julian James

    That’s exactly it. The screen shot depicts precisely what I’ve been trying to describe. I’ll let you know when I’ve setup the admin account. Thanks for your help to date!

  • Jean

    Hi there…

    Is there anyway to change the default email link.

    I’ve created a form and tied it into the user registration. I want the user to automatically be sent an email, but it directs the user to the wordpress dashboard login, not the affiliate login area. Can this be changed?

  • Hi,

    I have just bought the plugin, is there any video to show me how to do it?

  • Sebastien

    Hi, i purchased affiliate for Gravity form and i have the same problem Julian James reported in April.
    I use affiliate (base).
    When i set an amout for referral setting (with referal enable on form), we see the settings. As we click on SAVE the affiliate setting on the form became blank. we click on parameters or notifications, then click back on affiliate and the settings are displayed, but whitout value. In short, unable to save the settings there.

    • Hi Sebastien, which versions are you using please? And do you have any other plugins that might interfere?

    • Julian James

      FYI I never actually solved the problem just changed my requirements at the time and found that I no longer needed affiliates. Would still like to fix though as I may use in the future.

      • Thanks for your reply Julian, it would also be good to know some details on the environment you had then, as the issue described by both of you doesn’t come up in any configuration that I have seen.

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