Affiliates Pro s2Member Integration

IMPORTANT : Support for s2Member has been dropped. We recommend to use Groups and WooCommerce instead.

This pack integrates Affiliates Pro with s2Member, allowing you to maintain an affiliate program to boost your s2Member membership and subscription sales.

Integration Features

The integration provides all the features of the Affiliates Pro plugin, plus:

  • Affiliate referrals are created automatically when a member makes a payment.
  • Support for recurring payments, if you continue to pay your affiliates for recurring subscription payments, the corresponding referrals are created automatically for the initial affiliate.
  • Refunds and reversed payments can automatically reject referrals.
  • Notifications are sent to the site administrator when a new referral has been granted.
  • Affiliates are notified of new referrals.
  • Automatically handles s2Member API Notifications – there is no need to set up notification URLs manually for payment or refund/reversal notifications.


After following the steps to install the integration pack, please refer to the documentation available here: Affiliates Plugins Documentation.


API Notifications

Email notifications

Recurring payments and refunds


Detailed referral information

A view on totals ready for PayPal Mass Payment


  • Jeff

    Hi Kento,
    Does Affiliates Pro need to reside on the same domain as the product being sold under S2 Member?

    I will have multiple subscription sites, each with their own copy of S2 Member of possibly other membership software, or software that is just a one time product. But I would like to manage all the affiliates from one WordPress site.

    This is no different than if I were using Clickbank or JVZoo to manage affiliates except that I want to be able to give affiliates lifetime commissions from any future purchase made by customers they refer to me, regardless of which product they buy or which site they buy the product on.

    Is this possible?


    • Hi Jeff,

      You wouldn’t be able to use it with that setup without customization because mainly on multiple sites for s2 it would have different IPN handlers for each instance and that would have to be coordinated.


  • Falcon

    I am using S2member and I would like to have every new user that signs up to be an Affilate. If auch an Affiliate refers a new user, they should receive a free month of their own subscription. So there should not be a Commission payout under no circumstances. Is that possible? How?

    • Hi Falcon, that’s not possible unless custom-coded and as it is right now I don’t see this happening for the s2 integration.

  • Jarrad fiorito

    Would I need to purchase s2 member pro to use this? Or do I simply need affiliates pro and the free version of s2 member?

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