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Documentation is intended to provide sound basic structures for a documentation management system.

Leveraging WordPress’ framework and internal structures, the system provides a completely new section to manage documents independently from normal posts or pages. Documents are complemented by their dedicated document categories and document tags, which allows to keep the documentation structures separate from the more blog-oriented posts or CMS-like pages. It can be used to build a dedicated documentation site, a subsite for documentation in a multisite network or other creative deployments.


Details on how to set up and use the plugin are provided on its Documentation page.


You can download the plugin or install it directly from your WordPress dashboard. Go to Plugins > Add New, search for documentation and click Install Now for the Documentation plugin.



  • Unfortunately, after posting a page when ever I click on “go to document” I get a 404>

  • Jeroen

    I’ve noticed that there are 2 shortcodes: [documentation_hierarchy] This is the shortcode-equivalent to the Document Hierarchy widget. And [documentation_list_children] This is the shortcode-equivalent to the Document Children widget.

    But is there a shortcode-equivalent for the widget: Documents? I’d like to show the documents in an overview page, based upon their categories.

    Category A
    – doc 1
    – doc 2

    Category B
    – doc 1
    – doc 3
    – doc 4

    Would be awesome if this is possible!

    • Good idea! I’ll add the shortcode when possible. Meanwhile this might help?

      • Jeroen

        Hi Kento!

        Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried your suggestion in various ways like

        [documentation_category id=”170″]
        [document_category category=170]
        [document_category tag_ID=”Agenda” post_type=”document”]

        But nothing seemed to do anything. Do you have any idea what could work?

        • What happens is that these shortcodes don’t exist :) The ones that you can currently use are those documented here.

          • Jeroen

            Duh! It”s clearly a monday morning…

            I’ve installed that plugin and tried variations on

            [display-posts post_type=”document” ]
            [display-posts post_type=”document” document_category=”Agenda” ]
            [display-posts document_category=”Agenda” ]

            The first two do show the post made with Documentation, but it’s both a list of the 10 latest posts i’ve written in Documentation.
            The last shortcode shows the last 10 posts i’ve written for my blog.

            So it seems that the category isn’t found. I’ve tried also category=”Agenda” and category=”170″, but then nothing was shown.

          • Jeroen

            Just also tried that. Or I’m doing something really wrong here, or display-posts just doesn’t work.

            Whatever I try I only get an overview of all the latest posts ive written in Documentation.

          • Jeroen

            Yep, will try to do that.

            But I can also take your word “I’ll add the shortcode when possible”? ;-)

  • I installed this plugin for a client, without getting the full grasp of their needs. They have 300 documents. They want to show in a widget, categories as drop downs, then the docs from that category show as a list. Is this possible?

    • Hi Dennis,

      That’s an interesting idea. There are a few plugins out there that seem to get close to what you describe for posts and categories, but from what I’ve seen they don’t support custom post types and taxonomies in general (which they would need to for this case).

      It may well be worth considering to create a plugin which works with the latest WordPress version, the ones I’ve seen don’t seem to be quite up-to-date.

  • Klaus

    Any chance that you will release a .po file? If I dont find another plugin to handle my document I would like to do a danish translation.

    • Hi Klaus,

      Please download this translation template based on the current version and use it to create your translation. If you could contribute your translation back we can add it to the plugin itself.


  • Dan

    I might have missed something in the documentation or thr plugin isn’t working as I expected.

    I can create a document and not apply any rights to it but none of the other users can see / edit the document from documents => all.

    Is this normal?

  • Li Fitzmaurice

    I tried to use Document Child widget. It asks for document ID. I know which document I want to show its children, but cannot figure out how to find its ID.

    Could you please let me know? Thanks.

    • Hi, if you go to Documents > All Documents and check the URL for the Edit button of a document, you will see it looks like this – in this case the ID is 123. You can also click that link and get it from the URL bar in your browser if it doesn’t appear in the info bar of the browser when you hover over the link.

  • I am trying to build a document repository. Users would submit a paper (journal article) securely and have the ability to revise the article (up to some specific point in time). Ideally, they would receive a document number since theoretically they could submit more than one unique, unrelated document. Does this sound like an application for which your plugin might be suitable?

  • I have installed but not used the plugin yet. I have questions firsts – I don’t create a mess. For once. You probably have this documented – I have been searching plugins for ever and I am brain-toast right now.

    I have a multisite. As suggested, I dedicated a subsite for documents. I have quite a few docs – 350 plus, so far. They are just for downloading and printing – nothing collaborative, etc.

    1.) Lazy: Do I need to upload docs one by one, and fill out boxes of info one doc at a time and categorize? Or can I mass upload and deal with the details later? The files are all properly named.

    2.) Flexibility: Once I have upload files am I able to “move” them around? From one category, or under a parent-file, etc., to another easily?
    After I create links to docs on my main site – will it be problematic if I need to rearrange files as I mentioned above?

    Note: I had started with the Media Library, then other media plugins, and it has been hellish. I am asking before I start a load of work again. Thank you.

    • Hi Toni,

      This plugin provides Documents etc as a custom post type, from what you describe I don’t think it’s a match because you seem to want to upload a bunch of documents which users should be able to access or download.

      If you have a quick look at the Documentation for this plugin you’ll understand what it’s about ;)


  • Is there a way to bulk upload documents?

  • I am using the Karma theme and installed the documentation plug in. When I add a document and view it, it uses the Blog page format which has a blog sidebar. I want to use a different sidebar with the document widgets. How can I do this?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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