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Make affiliate coupons case-insensitive?

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We’re in the last steps in trying to get our site up, and discovered something in testing. There’s a mis-match between WooCommerce coupons and AffiliatesPro on case-sensitivity. Woo coupons are case-insensitive. Our coupons, as imported from our previous solution, contain mixed cases. The affiliate-coupon attributes were likewise imported identically. So far, so good. Affiliates got […]

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Affiliates coupon use track and display data

Antonio, I have two questions. 1-I have purchased Affiliates Enterprise and Affiliates Coupons. I have set up the plugins with few issues. Is there a way to display in the affiliates management area the associated coupon with the respective referral transaction? I would like to track the performance of coupon use and display that data […]

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When we activated Affiliates permanent we cannot assign coupons to affiliates.

When we activated Affiliates permanent we cannot assign coupons to affiliates. And it says that “Coupons may not be assigned to multiple affiliates. The coupon code **** has already been assigned to the affiliate with Id 1.” Affiliate id 1 is the direct Affiliate and has no coupons assigned. If we deactivate Affiliates permanent we […]

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Sales don’t get credited to affiliate when using coupons

Hi, I installed Affiliates Entreprise and the Woocommerce integration as outlined in the instructions. I then created a coupon and assigned this coupon to an affiliate by adding a “coupons” attribute to the affiliate. However, when I am placing orders using this coupon, the corresponding sales do not get credited to the affiliate. I checked […]

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