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Differentiate different “Sale” referrals

Hi guys, We’re improving the Affiliate Stats shortcode and we would like to differentiate different type of “sale” referrals. To be more precise, we’d like to add something in the [data] key of the variable $IXAP15 (in “class-affiliates-affiliate-stats-renderer-wordpress.php”) when the referral was made through a permanent association. Currently, there are no information I can use […]

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Changing “Post” and “Detail” information

Hi guys, We’d like to alter the information displayed by the “Detailed Referral Overview” shortcode However, we’re not too sure how to do that. For example, the “post” column is populated by links with wrong URLs so they forward the user to nothing : Protected: Order – January 7, 2016 @ 02:55 PM —-> http://nationhats.staging.wpengine.com/?post_type=shop_order&p=12020 […]

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jQuery Error

Hi there, We recently have a jQuery error that crashes the entire “My-Account” page, the problem goes away when we deactivate Affiliate Enterprise. We have not altered any core files. I was editing the page with Visual Composer when I noticed a few things were wrong with the page. It seems to be related to […]

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Problem when I activated Affiliates Permanent

Hello, I’ve been using the below shortcode for the week but it particialy stopped working after I installed affiliates permanent. My website has affiliate links to other products, I’ve been using the above shortcode to credit the referring affiliate with any sales made using these affiliate links. Example: http://clickbank.com/product/affid= This worked fine before I installed […]

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Shortcode [aff_permanent_count]

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Antonio created a very useful shortcode so the affiliates can keep track of how many customers are linked to their affiliate account (using affiliates permanent plugin). The code is here: http://eggemplo.com/blog/aff_permanent_count-shortcode/ I’ve added this in function.php and while it works and shows the variable I also get an warning / error at the top of […]

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Problem with [referrer_id] not working

I am using a recently purchased Affiliates Enterprise. I have even reinstalled it beofore posting this request for support. I want to use referrer id to create a custom link from each page. My problem is this… the doesn’t work correctly. The page is http://www.ecig.xxx/ – And you are welcome to become an affiliate or […]

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