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Variations in commissions

Hello, When a customer enters promo code discount10, is it possible to calculate a 6% commission on all products, and on selected products 10% for the partner, and 10% discount for the customer? If possible what settings should be made? Regards

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Affiliates WooCommerce integration plugin is not downloadable

Hi, We are setting up the Affiliates Enterprise plugin we purchased on our website. We need WooCommerce integration. In the integration settings, it first asked me to install itthink​ plugin so I clicked install​ button and it installed the plugin successfully. After that it asked me to install Affiliate Woocommerce​ plugin so I clicked install​ […]

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Hi. We have installed the Enterprice as documented. Now the MS addon, should it be activated as network or on every branch? We can´t find docs on that. We have done it now as network and see all sites as enabled. But now, here is the issue. When try to import users as affiliates, we […]

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Access to referrals

Hello. I have a question. Several referrals have been added to the website How can I give admin access so they can see what orders have been placed with their discount codes? Regards

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Affiliate program commissions

Hello, i created 1 level affiliate program – Partner and coupon for discounts. I tested and everything is okay. Where i can see the commissions of every partner (3 separate partners). How can i export the data by days and months. Website: Regards

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3 levels affiliate program

Hello, I just purchased Enterprise Plan. Would you be so kind as to help me setup the 3-level affiliate program as described below? Three levels: 1. Customer; 2. A lead partner who attracts other partners and for this should also receive a percentage. Accordingly, it creates a partner below him (3); 3. A partner (“Vibe”) […]

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log out issue after registration

Hi there i have an issue after my users register for to become an affiliate, it says thank you for registering, but whenever they need to go to their student dashboard or affiliate dashboard the system kicks them out. i need you to get back to me urgently as we are relaunching this in 2 […]

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Referrer: How to see sales?

Hello everybody, yesterday I bought the Enterprise version of Affiliate, installed all the necessary and mandatory plugins. I have sales contacts in Spain, Portugal and France, even if the sales contacts use discount codes created by me, their percentage is valid on the full cost of the product, I tried it with a 100% discount, […]

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Login, after registration redirects to wp login

Greetings, thanks for helping. There are a few things I need to address before I can publish and I would like to address 3 of them here to start. • My affiliate Login/Registration page: If I register a Test account here I need to be able to redirect to a custom page explaining the […]

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Count tiers levels


Hi guys! Hopes everything is good with? I want to have some help/guidelines though I want to create a shortcode where I can show for an affiliate how many tiers who has signed up in each level. Like “You have 20 in level 1” , “You have 13 in level 2” etc etc Been searching […]

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Referral Links No Longer Work

In testing the functions of the site, as of a few days ago, the referral links don’t seem to matter. It assigns every new entry to Direct. The current downline listing does not even list them (Manage Afflilates>Direct>Referred Affiliates). New enrollees do not appear in the lineage of Direct, even though they are listed on […]

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