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Sales team payment

I have a sales team of about 100 and want to grow. I would like to provide them with coupon codes which are linked to their sales figures. Would a monthly payment to the team members be possible with something like a Paypal push once per month? Thanks, Scott

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Tracking technology

Can I ask what sort of tracking is implemented into Affiliates Enterprise? As an affiliate publisher I find it important to know what sort of tracking I’m dealing with, so I want to include that info at my site for my affiliates as well. So what sort of techniques is this plugin using? Cookie? Session? […]

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Invoices for affiliates

Because of local laws, I need to create invoices for every affiliate payout (so they can put it into their books). Since this isn’t a standard feature of Affiliates Pro or Enterprise, I was wondering how you would go about this? Perhaps someone comes up with a creative solution to transform the payout data into […]

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Issue with WC Product Rates Method

We have a problem with orders not completing when the following settings are in place. Affiliates > Settings – Default referral calculation : Referral Amount Method – Default referral calculation value : Affiliates_WC_Method Affiliates_WC_Method::product_rates Affiliates > WooCommerce Integration – [x] Enable product referral rates – Default rate : .20 Products > edit a product > […]

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Coupon and referrers

Hi, I have an agent that have few referrers under him. Each one of them has is own coupon. Each one of them can get different % comission. For example – 1 sale with ‘x’ coupon that belongs to Jonh (under Gilad) i need gilad to get 15% comission and John 5% comission from the […]

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Code to add to thank you page

What code do I add to the “thank you” page to record the referral? Here is my page: The value I want to record is total tickets purchased not the sales amount. Each ticket = 1 point Also the cart is located at…… And sign-up is at Is this a problem?

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Tiers and Referrals

I’m having a difficult time setting up Tiers. We will only be using Affiliates in association with Coupon Codes and WooCommerce. Can you provide basic instructions to add “FRED” a Tier 1 Affiliate, and add a second Affiliate “JOHN” a tier 2, who was referred by “FRED.” Currently, I am experiencing something odd, when I […]

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Tiers referral

I have Enterprise setup with tiers configured. I don’t have open enrollment into the affiliate program. All new affiliates are referred by existing affiliates. Where in “Manage Affiliates” do I credit a referral for the new affiliate to the referring affiliate?

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EDD Integration, custom links, and custom confirmation emails

Hi, this plugin seems feature rich but I’m having a hard time working a few things out. It will be great if you can help me with these three (probably simple!) questions. I’ve had a good look through the documentation but can’t really find the info… 1. I can’t see how this integrates with EDD. […]

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ECWID – Sorry, requested product is not available


Hi, the plugin looks great 馃檪 We’re using it with ECWID and have an important issue We’re trying to add the following shortcode when the page renders a link to the product with aff ID such as!/~/product/id=791003?affiliates=14 The page with ecwid shop says Sorry, the requested product is not available however, if we remove […]

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Woocommerce and affiliates Pro

i have installed in sito in the admin pannel all is ok: here is the link for registration: but is the admin pannel Affiliates Overview not is show any order. how i can check that is all ok ?

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