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Affiliates log in redirects to wordpress login – recpatcha issue

Hi, Great plugin. One issue please. When user tries to log in from affiliates area there is not recaptcha on login form – user is then redirected to wordpress login form with message: Error: You have entered an incorrect reCAPTCHA value Any way we can just add recaptcha on affiliates area login form to prevent […]

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Is there any way that I may locate the current release version of Affiliates Permanent to confirm the version I have installed is up to date? I ask because using my service key on the Itthinx Updates page has not always yielded accurate results. I have version 1.3.0 and I’m not totally sure it’s up […]

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Affiliates Permanent not working with Subscriptions

When I create a manual referral Affiliates Permanent works flawlessly however when a recurring order is created by Woocommerce Subscriptions the referring affiliate is not receiving credit. Since all the settings are set appropriately for referrals created manually, it seems that Affiliates Permanent or the Woocommerce integration addon is not compatible the must recent versions […]

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Random affiliate

Hi, Could you suggest solution (maybe hook) to assign affiliate based on my algorithm? ex: if there is no referal link, I would like to select random affiliate /or based on my method/ and persist it. How could I make it? Denis

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The checkbox assignment settings

Affiliates Permanent Although your explanation is very thorough on this page, it does not really refer to what each check box (there are 4) does. I understand your explanation’s very well, but as they do not directly refer to the check boxes I am not sure what to check. The screen shot in your docs […]

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Problem creating affiliates

Hi guys, I was doing some tests before releasing our affiliate program and I did well because we’re still having erratic behaviors. We have…. Affiliate A -Affiliate B –Affiliate C —Affiliate D All permanently associated to each other (B to A, C to B and D to C) 10% direct, 20% relative, 30% relative. Order […]

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Manual Assignments

If I am an affiliate (person “A”), and person “B” is under me at Depth 1, do I need to find person “B” user account and set person “A” as the permanent affiliate in the drop down menu in B’s user account? Or is it the other way around? This is confusing, there are no […]

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Problem when I activated Affiliates Permanent

Hello, I’ve been using the below shortcode for the week but it particialy stopped working after I installed affiliates permanent. My website has affiliate links to other products, I’ve been using the above shortcode to credit the referring affiliate with any sales made using these affiliate links. Example: This worked fine before I installed […]

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