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Not receiving confirmation email

Hello, My affiliate registration process does not work. You can fill in your details with your chosen username and email address, and there is a confirmation message that an email has been sent with the new password to the new affiliate, but the email isn’t being sent/received? Why? Anyone can subscribe is activated under general […]

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Error Empty Captcha


Hello, I can’t get users to sign up through the sign up form here When a user tries to sign up, it gives an error code “Error Empty Captcha” I have installed Captch, Si Captcha Anti Spam and Really Simple Captcha. NONE of them work with the application form and the form doesn’t work […]

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Setting up image URL to a individual page

Hi There, I am trying to setup the image URL for my banners so it will display the affiliate URl, but I want to link it to individual pages not to the homepage. I’ve tried a few different options with the shortcode but none of them seem to work correctly. Could you advise how to […]

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Commissions on coupon discount appears to not adjust rate.

Hi, I am using Woo Commerce I have two sets of products: 1: A digital download 2: A subscription service Set up as follows: –Digital download Referral Rate set to 0.25 –Subscription service Referral Rate set to 0.25 (Enable recurring referrals limit/timeout 90 days) –Default referral calculation = Referral amount method –Default referral calculation value […]

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Add paypal attribute to affiliate or automatic?

Hi There, Do you use the attributes to add the paypal email to each individual affiliate or will this be done automatically once they fill in their details in the profile section? I have added the required attribute in the profile section so they can add their details but wanted to know if this will […]

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Attribute & Coupon question

Hi there, If I put a % referral rate across all affiliates but then add an attribute to an individual affiliate, will this change to their default rate or will this be added in addition to the rate across the board? With assigning coupons, just to clarify, you give an affiliate a 20% off coupon […]

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Does not Work With Discounts

I’m having a couple of issues with the Affiliates Pro plugin that I use along with Affiliates Pro WooCommerce and Affiliates Products When a customer uses a discount, it’s not factoring that into to the affiliate commission. Right now affiliates are set to receive 50% off the product price, and they are receiving 50% of […]

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Undeleted referals

Hi, I am using Affiliates Pro with Woocommerce. I had entered a few test referrals though my affiliates links to create some data to test with. I’ve deleted the test orders, but the referrals remained. I then deleted the referrals, but there are still numbers showing in the system and payments for the deleted referrals […]

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Default Affiliate User Role

When an affiliate signs up it creates a user with the role subscriber. I want the affilate to be created a user account as a contributor so I can change the redirect url after login and logout.

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Problem in Affiliates Pro and Easy Digital Downloads Version

Hello, I am using Easy Digital Downloads Version, Affiliates Pro 2.3.0, and EDD-Affiliates Pro Plugin 1.0 with WordPress 3.5.1. In Referrals page, all of my affiliates only show “0″ in amount column and in totals for the commissions are not showing up for my affiliates. I have set the “referral rate” for “Default referral […]

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