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Product purchases not registered to affiliates…

Hello, I’ve been looking around in the forum trying to find a solution to why none of my purchases are registering to assigned affiliates. Orders are showing up in WooCommerce, and the reference for the user who purchased is identical to the user listed as the affiliate’s referral. This is what I’ve tried at the […]

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Woocommerce intergration plug-in not found

Hi, I bought Affiliates Pro. I want to intergrate this with WooCommerce but when I try to install it through intergrations it is telling me it is not found. Without the intergration the affiliates plug-in is not working properly. Can you please send me the plug-in I need? Kind regards, Anne

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Paying affiliates manually

I really appreciate this plugin and am still learning it, but I can see it has good potential to evolve. I have a doubt about the manual payments, I have read here on the forum and have not seen an effective solution. This is if you want to make a payment of commissions to an […]

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Refund an order and adjust the commission

I did a test purchase and it generated the commission for the affiliate. Right. I then made a (manual) partial refund of the order €25 and refunded €10 but the affiliate commission was not adjusted! Is this right? When I refunded the order in full, then the total commission was eliminated. Question: The plugin does […]

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Affiliates link not working

We have an issue with referral links: Our Affiliates can’t get a referral commission when an order is placed using their link. Can you please check what’s the issue ASAP? Also, We want Affiliate Coupons for our affiliates So, Once the customer uses the coupon code the affiliate gets the commission without using a referral […]

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Tracking affiliates on coupon usage

We have just purchased ITThinx Affiliates Pro, installed it, and installed the WooCommerce Light integration. It seems to work well with the URL tracking, but we cannot get coupon code tracking to work, meaning that our affiliates may potentially lose a lot of their customers. Is there any way to make affiliate tracking work on […]

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Cross-Site Cookie?

How can i set the affiliate cookie for the affiliate, if i use a frame-forward like this? Actually its not working! I want to use a “nice” URL for the website and have this code on the “nice”-URL

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Show unpaid referrals only

Hi Guys! Is there code I can add to the shortcode to only show the unpaid referrals? It would shorten the list and only show what they’re currently eligible for when we do their payout. Second issue… I get duplicate referrals. The system will count the same order more than once and until I catch […]

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Payment via PayPal Referrals Commission issue

Hi, Account name Synergy Hope Website URL : we shared our affiliate URL with the USA user they purchased from the URL but due to use of the PAYPAL payment gateway use commission not added to affiliate account. same process we implemented for the IND it shows proper commission. we using PayUMoney payment gateway […]

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Affiliate Login not working

Hi team, We renewed our Affiliate Pro license today. Unfortunately, the login page ( is not working since. Clicking the login button after entering the credentials takes us back to the login page instead of Affiliate Dashboard. (login credentials edited) Can you please help us with what could be the cause and provide us a […]

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Can’t Install intergrations

Hello, We have purchased Affiliate Pro, also added the itthinx Updates plugin and service key. But when I try to install the Integration it shows an error. please check the screenshot – Why I am getting this error? Can you please help me fix it ASAP? Thanks

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