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Before you request support: Please read the documentation Search – many questions have already been answered, searching the site can give you immediate results. If you have not found an answer to your question, please post it in the appropriate section. Submitting a topic Be concise and precise: post one topic per single issue or […]

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Issue with Vietnamese Translation in Affiliates Plugin

Hello Itthinx Support Team, I am facing issues with translating the interface of the Affiliates plugin into Vietnamese. The translation strings do not display correctly or are not being translated at all. Here are the details: website : Could you please provide guidance or support to resolve this issue? Thank you for your assistance. Best […]

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Updating existing old version

On our old site we are using Affiliates Pro 2.18.1 and Affiliates WooCommerce Integration 1.7.1 Bought in 2017 for 59,- Now we set up a new DEV site and wanted to update all the plugins but can’t find an downoad for thos plugins. If going for auto update getting the error “package not available”. Any […]

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License renewal

How does one renew a license for Affiliate Pro. It doesn’t seem to have happened automatically this past year, nor was there a notice about renewing received. Does one just by a new one? Is there any renewal discount/code that’s needed? Please advise. Thanks, Michael

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Product specific or rate

Hi, My current configuration for rates and tiers isn’t quite working in the way that I would like. The OR rate is set to 0.16 and is recorded as direct for all products however, I need to set a different OR rate for a specific product in woocommerce. Is this possible and if so, what […]

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Separate commission for datafeedr affiliates

Hi, I am using the enterprise version of your software. Is it possible to set a different commission amount based on the products sold by a certain supplier. Example: If Nike pay 10% commission and Adidas pay 15% commission then I would like to set a tiered commission plan where my affiliates earn a % […]

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Product specific tiers

Hi, Is it possible to create different tiers for different products. I have dded 6 levels for most products within my store however, i would like to create just 2 tiers for a particular product that I have added to my store. Is this possible and if so, how? Also, how do we add a […]

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Custom affiliate link to one learnpress course

Hi George! Is this possible with any add ons? I need a custom affiliate link for my partner to a specific learnpress course. My partner have a banner on their site with my specific course. But the affiliate link go to my main website page. I need to link a specific course for my affiliate […]

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Affiliate Software

Hi there, I need help with this software. it’s installed on our website We sell products on-line, our affiliates share their unique link/code with clients and these clients follow this particular link/code to potentially make a purchase. The affiliate receives a commission for all sales made using their link/code The issue – The client makes […]

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Affiliate testing issue

Hi! We have install and test your plugin with our learnpress site. The visits from a spec. url are showing on dashboard, but the comissions not. In the orders process we have using a -100% coupon at the first time. Than we enabled a test mode for Stripe payment, and make second order, but the […]

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Re: Affiliate Compensation


Does the Affiliates Enterprise affiliate compensation have the ability to pay commissions out in this way. 1. For Example: Three Different Affiliate Levels and costs of entry to become Member Affiliate – Basic – $100 Product Purchase – Silver – $500 Product Purchase – Gold – $1000 Product Purchase – Basic Member Affiliate – $100 […]

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Update to my previous Post – Subsequent Orders

I kept troubleshooting my problem and I think I narrowed it to my Log In/Log out function that I was using. It seemed to be circumventing the affiliate program if I used it, unless I put in an affiliate link before logging in. I have just deactivated that function and it seems to be working […]

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Understanding the Levels

Just so I am clear, if I want a 25 level program, I actually build 24 levels, plus the OR, correct? As I see your explanation, that is what I gather from it. Level 1 is actually level 2 in counting levels, or am I still missing the boat here?

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