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Guidelines & Rules

Before you request support: Please read the documentation Search – many questions have already been answered, searching the site can give you immediate results. If you have not found an answer to your question, please post it in the appropriate section. Submitting a topic Be concise and precise: post one topic per single issue or […]

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Affiliates payment

Hello, How and where can I mark in the Affiliates Enterprise Platform that a commission amount to a certain partner has already been paid? Because the partner sees the accumulated amount and meanwhile we pay periodically, how much is paid becomes confusing. Regards

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Affiliates free

Hello! Affiliates free flugin with woocommerce integration light is able to track referrals or just the Affiliates pro version can track referrals? Thank you!

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Simple licensing query for staging and live sites

I intend to use/update two purchased extra extensions: (Specifically: ‘Groups Restrict Categories’ and ‘Groups File Access’). My query is a common requirement, which is to use a license key whilst developing a site on a staging server, and then transfer the license key over to the live domain at ‘go live’. Will this work? I […]

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Groups – paypal – open source – github repo

Hi Friends – We are long-time user of your old “Groups PayPal” plugin addon – Great Product! We understand you no longer sell or support this addon, so we have emailed your team over the last couple of years in hopes ITthinx will Open Source this plugin addon. —– Kent said before -> “Thanks for […]

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Fatal error: declaration of affiliates_link_renderer_wordpress::render_affiliate_link($ixap25 = array, $ixap33 = null) must be compatible with affiliates_link_renderer::render_affiliate_link($ixap25 = array, $ixap33 = null, $implementation = array) in /home/breakthr/–affiliates-enterprise/lib/ext/wordpress/class-affiliates-link-renderer-wordpress.php on line 2

I recently had the Affiliates Enterprise go haywire, completely out of the normal. I have had to deactivate it and I cannot reactivate without getting this error Fatal error: Declaration of Affiliates_Link_Renderer_WordPress::render_affiliate_link($IXAP25 = Array, $IXAP33 = NULL) must be compatible with Affiliates_Link_Renderer::render_affiliate_link($IXAP25 = Array, $IXAP33 = NULL, $implementation = Array) in /home/breakthr/–affiliates-enterprise/lib/ext/wordpress/class-affiliates-link-renderer-wordpress.php on line 2 […]

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Cookie issue with flyingpress cache plugin

I’ve read most of the documentation about plugins and issue, etc. My issue is that with FlyingPress enabled, the “affiliates enterprise” plugin doesn’t seem to set cookies. The owner of FlyingPress said this: “The “ref” in our default ignore parameters. Most such affiliate programs have to option to set cookies via AJAX. Can you check […]

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Plugin will not update

Hi, I have the Affiliates Pro & Affiliates WooCommerce Integration installed and my service key has been added where instructed but I cannot run the updates. I really need to run them for security purposes. Both updates fail and I get this message for each: ‘An error occurred while updating Affiliates Pro: Update package not […]

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Refund Request


I recently ordered to test out some of the paid for features and didn’t find what I was looking for. The usability of the plugin is a little tough (i.e. after setup it would still be tough for my affiliate manager to use) and it didn’t have one of the rate settings I required. I […]

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