Groups Restrict Categories

Restrict Access to Taxonomies

I am using this plugin along side woocommerce and the woocommerce product vendors extension. The way we have our shop set up allows us to have multiple vendors sell a single product, giving the shoppers the ability to pick the seller. We want to restrict the shoppers access to certain vendors based on groups that […]

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Product visibility shows “Anyone…” – instead of earlier given permissions.

Hi, We a having a desperate situation with out webshop with Group Restrict Categories regarding product visibility. We have set previously group visibility access to a product, which shows up ok in product list view: BUT, when opening up the product card and managing the values, ie. removing groups, group visibility panel shows simply […]

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Missing products if Restrict Categories is enabled

Hi – we’ve isolated the problem to this plugin. If this plugin is enabled, we have products missing from some categories when we are browsing our web shop, but if we disable the plugin, all products show up as expected. We don’t have product-level settings, but we nonetheless have 63 of 68 products missing for […]

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How get Capability from Categorie ?

Hi, I would like to know how to get Capability from a categorie (from an ID categorie) ? And next, how to add/remove capability to a categorie ? I try to found here but… nothing : Thanks by advance. Nathan

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Group restrict multiple categories?

Hi, Is it possible to group restrict multiple categories at once? I have a shop (WooCommerce) that has 200+ product categories (with subcategories), that needs to be group restricted, but having to go through every single of them one my and giving access right is a pain. I Do gave one “big” upper class category, […]

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Restriction only by Group, not by capabilities ! Why ?

Hi, I just buy the plugin because I need to have a Capabilities restriction (and not Group restriction) for my post categories and pages, and when I read the description of this plugin I was like “Woaw I need it”. But after installation, when I go to the categories management, I can just choose Group […]

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Restrict Categories not redirecting to login page

I have groups restrict categories enabled for product categories. I am running Groups, Once I have put the groups for read access on the product category. The product category doesn’t prompt the login page for access it shows as a 404. I have the Groups 404 plugin installed also. Please advise

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How to enable post / post types unrestricted for public even though category integrated group

Hello , I have used groups and groups restrict categories plugins together, but I see there is a problem on my side after started to use groups restriction on categories. My flow is that after any unregistered user who wants to be register, should select first the group on registration window integrating with woocommerce product […]

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Restrict Product Category

I just purchased Groups Restrict Categories and cannot seem to get it to work as I need. My store is for wholesale purchasing. Currently I have 2 national restaurant chains that order via our WooCommerce portal. I have customer groups created for Group A and Group B. Customers 1-38 are in Group A and 39 […]

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Group Forum

Hello, We have just purchased the Group Forum. Post submission works fine. After posting and approving a topic, upon going to review the topic the topic is not there. Permalinks are ok. It is not theme related. Please advise how we can contact someone at support to help get this resolved, Thanks

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Download Order 20648

Hi! I’ve purchased Groups Restrict Categories last 26th May but I couldn’t find it in my Downloads folder, nor did I receive any email where to download the plugin. I’ve emailed a couple of times but I didn’t receive any reply.

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