Defaulting new posts and media uploads to use “Registered” group

Hi, I’m setting up a “private” self-hosted WordPress site to share my photos and videos with family and friends. I’ve managed to purchase and install the Widget Control Pro and Groups plugins, and have been able to apply the use of groups to successfully to restrict my posts and media attachment page content from the […]

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the_content filter causing plugin conflicts

Hi there, we use Groups with the theme WPLMS. We were having a few errors in quiz reporting and some text fields on the site. narrowed it down to the Groups plugins and specifically the following line of code. wp-content\plugins\groups\lib\access\class-groups-post-access.php Line 102 add_filter( ‘the_content’, array( __CLASS__, ‘the_content’ ), 1 ); Commented this line out and […]

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group and woocommerce product bundle plug-in interoperability

Hi there I am using group (itthinx), groups for woocommerce, woocommerce subscription and product bundle plugins Product bundle: I have successfully set up a bundle where there is a simple subscription included as a product. Now, for my bundle product, I have one set of Group(itthinx) assignments (add and remove) and then another one […]

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How can I get groups by itthinx to be a taxonomy? describes how to register a taxonomy. When I try to access groups as a taxonomy, it does not seem to be registered. For example, when I have used the posts that have similar groups do not appear. Can someone help and advise me on this please? Thanks in advance

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Restrict based on multiple group membership

Is it possible to restrict content to users who are members of two groups? For example. Group A can buy product 1 Group B can buy product 2 User must be a member of group A AND group B in order to buy product 3. In other words we want the customer to buy product […]

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Restrict Categories and Event Organiser

I am using the very popular Event Organiser. My Setup: I got two groups Students and Teacher I got one category of events for Students and Teacher. If a user has no group at all no events restricted by category show up… that’s working fine. But I got this strange behavior …that events that are […]

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Groups and WooComerce conflict

Problem – I cannot get the “lost password” to take customers to the reset page without a 404 error. There seems to be a conflict with the Groups plugin and WooCommerce. I deactivated the plugin and was able to successfully reach the password reset page (at the bottom). The login page is Please let […]

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