We are moving from WooCommerce to Thrivecart. I tried to reply to an existing thread, but don’t have permission. So has anyone got Groups working with Thrivecart? I assign different group permissions based on the level of subscription. Any tips? IH

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How to restrict access to post programmatically?

Hello, I want to programmatically restrict access of a given page to members of a given group. I tried this code but it doesn’t work: Groups_Post_Access::create( array( ‘post_id’ => $custpage_id, ‘group_id’ => $cai_group_id )); where $custpage_id is the id of an existing page and $cai_group_id is the id of an existing group. Could you please […]

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Groups override by admin?

I cannot find the ability to override all subscription groups for admin, and you cant just edit an admin profile and add group privelages. Its not an option

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Groups restrict Buddypress functions

Hello George, I use Buddypress in my site and I’m looking for a way to restrict the different functions in BP, based on which Group the user is in. For example, these functions would be available to users in the Group “Silver” and “Gold”, but not to those in Group “Bronze”: BP groups – cannot […]

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Dynamic Groups Based on Query

Is it possible through a plugin or the API to have a dynamic group based on a query? For example I need to have a group that consists of all users in Group A who are not in Group B. More advanced features that would be nice would include dates. eg. All users who joined […]

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Exclude Group ID’s from Group Notifications

Hi there, I’ve purchased a number of plugins for Groups as I really think it is the best think since sliced bread. Fantastic work, please do keep it up. Now, I’m building an ecommerce with an active community so lots of users will apply for groups, we then review them and add them to the […]

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Groups 404 Redirect not working

I downloaded and activated Groups 404 Redirect. In settings, Redirect to wordpress login is checked and the Redirect restricted categories is checked. Yet when one not in the group selects the restricted content, he/she still gets a 404 error. The Groups 404 Redirect plugin is not working. Groups v 2.3.0 Groups 404 Redirect v1.4.0 Groups […]

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Defaulting new posts and media uploads to use “Registered” group

Hi, I’m setting up a “private” self-hosted WordPress site to share my photos and videos with family and friends. I’ve managed to purchase and install the Widget Control Pro and Groups plugins, and have been able to apply the use of groups to successfully to restrict my posts and media attachment page content from the […]

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the_content filter causing plugin conflicts

Hi there, we use Groups with the theme WPLMS. We were having a few errors in quiz reporting and some text fields on the site. narrowed it down to the Groups plugins and specifically the following line of code. wp-content\plugins\groups\lib\access\class-groups-post-access.php Line 102 add_filter( ‘the_content’, array( __CLASS__, ‘the_content’ ), 1 ); Commented this line out and […]

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group and woocommerce product bundle plug-in interoperability

Hi there I am using group (itthinx), groups for woocommerce, woocommerce subscription and product bundle plugins Product bundle: I have successfully set up a bundle where there is a simple subscription included as a product. Now, for my bundle product, I have one set of Group(itthinx) assignments (add and remove) and then another one […]

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How can I get groups by itthinx to be a taxonomy? describes how to register a taxonomy. When I try to access groups as a taxonomy, it does not seem to be registered. For example, when I have used the posts that have similar groups do not appear. Can someone help and advise me on this please? Thanks in advance

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