Free Personal Use / Single Domain License (FPUSDL)


This license may seem very restrictive but it allows you to freely use the software for your personal use.

You might ask: Why is it licensed like that?

One important reason is to avoid the software being included in ‘premium’ themes and plugins without the effort of its creation being duly recognized. If you want to use it for resale, please wait for the developer license to be made available or ask for it. If you simply want to get permission to use it for commercial purposes, there is a commercial license you can purchase in the Shop.

That said, here’s the license:

FPUSDL License

All parts of this software (SOFTWARE) including, but not limited to algorithms,
PHP code, Javascript code or CSS code, texts, images and designs
are licensed according to this license, unless otherwise stated.

The FPUSDL grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferrable right to use this
SOFTWARE subject to the following conditions:

– You have been granted this license explicitly by the copyright holder.

– You are granted one single use of the SOFTWARE on one single domain for personal use ONLY.

– You may use the SOFTWARE for your own personal purposes ONLY. You MUST NOT use this software for a client or on a web site that provides commercial services or sells any kind of product or service or involves in any kind of activity other than those that are non-commercial in nature.

– Use on multiple domains, including subdomains, requires you to obtain a commercial license for each domain or subdomain you wish to use the SOFTWARE on.

– You MUST NOT alter the SOFTWARE in order to conceal its origin or creator.

– You MUST NOT reproduce or redistribute the SOFTWARE or any parts of it.

– You MUST NOT create derivative works based on the SOFTWARE.

– You MUST NOT use the SOFTWARE for any commercial purposes WHATSOEVER.

– You MUST NOT directly or indirectly license, sub-license, rent, lend, sell,
resell, provide for free, reproduce or distribute by any means the SOFTWARE.
The same applies to derivative works based on the SOFTWARE.
The same applies to works based on reverse-engineered versions of this
Derivative works based on the SOFTWARE includes descriptions of the
algorithms and methods implemented.

– You MUST NOT reverse-engineer the SOFTWARE.

– You MUST NOT incorporate the SOFTWARE in any work created for resale.

– You MUST NOT use the SOFTWARE to provide services similar to those provided
by the SOFTWARE.

– All parts of the SOFTWARE are distributed in the hope that they will be
useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

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