Itthinx LazyLoader Manual

Shortcodes The following enclosing shortcode tells the Itthinx LazyLoader to handle the content it encloses: [itthinx-lazyload]…[/itthinx-lazyload] Note that there is no self-closing version of the shortcode, i.e. the content to be lazy loaded must be enclosed by an opening [itthinx-lazyload] and a closing [/itthinx-lazyload] Important : If you want to enclose HTML you must switch […]

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Itthinx LazyLoader Screenshots

Stand-alone Itthinx LazyLoader Plugin settings Shortcodes Example This shows an example of using a shortcode to embed lazy-loaded content. For shortcodes to work with HTML, the editor must be in HTML view. Also check the manual for more examples and detailed information on how to use the shortcodes. What you see above is the code […]

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Itthinx LazyLoader Installation

Installation is really easy … Upload or extract the itthinx-lazyloader folder to your site’s /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Or you could use the Add new option found in the Plugins menu in WordPress. Enable the plugin from the Plugins menu in WordPress. You can now enclose content within [itthinx-lazyload] shortcodes. Install the Lazy Widget Loader to enable […]

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Itthinx LazyLoader Requirements

This WordPress plugin requires at least: WordPress 3.0 PHP 5.2.6 and PHP’s cURL support or allow_url_fopen (cURL is preferred) If you are interested in using the Itthinx LazyLoader as a stand-alone extension to sites not based on WordPress, please get in touch.    

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Lazy Widget Loader Download

You can download the Lazy Widget Loader WordPress Plugin from the Plugin Directory here: To get the Itthinx LazyLoader plugin please visit the plugin’s page:

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Lazy Widget Loader Screenshots

Lazy Widget Loader These screenshots show the standard options that the plugin offers. Basic plugin option displayed for a widget: enable/disable lazy loading. Advanced options can be expanded individually on each widget. These include the option to display a throbber and to set fixed or minimum dimensions. Custom Post Widget and Lazy Widget Loader are […]

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Lazy Widget Loader FAQ

What is ‘lazy loading’? The term lazy loading (also lazy acquisition) refers to a technique that postpones loading (acquisition) of an object (content, resources, …) until it is really needed. In our case, this means that we still have to get the content that is to be displayed in the widget, but we postpone its […]

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Lazy Widget Loader Installation

Install the plugin as usual … Upload or extract the lazy-widget-loader folder to your site’s /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Or you could use the Add new option found in the Plugins menu in WordPress. Enable the plugin from the Plugins menu in WordPress. You’re ready to go. To enable lazy loading for any widget, go to your […]

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Itthinx LazyLoader

This plugin is currently not available for purchase. Description The Itthinx LazyLoader plugin provides a versatile lazy loading mechanism for content that may improve page load time and bandwidth usage. Use it on slow content, especially such where external data is loaded like widgets from Facebook, Twitter, AdSense, … Advanced lazy loading integration The Itthinx […]

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Itthinx Lazyloader Demo

This is the demo page for the Itthinx LazyLoader plugin … it’s very versatile and able to load virtually any content on demand. Lazy Loading or Lazy Acquisition defers the acquisition of resources until needed. All of these examples are embedded within itthinx-lazyload shortcodes, using their original unmodified markup. These examples include embedded scripts, external […]

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Affiliates – Videos

The information on this page is outdated. Please refer to the Documentation.. WordPress 3.2.1 & Affiliates 1.1.0 – NEW The video below shows the old affiliate management section. Please refer to the Screenshots to see how it looks like now. The affiliate management section has been completely revised and now provides a perfect solution to […]

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Lazy Widget Loader

Description The Lazy Widget Loader plugin provides lazy loading for widgets to improve page loading. Use it on slow widgets, especially those where external data is loaded, like widgets from Facebook, Twitter, AdSense, … What this plugin basically does is to postpone loading the content of those widgets you choose, so that their content is […]

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Affiliates – API

The information on this page is outdated. Please refer to the Documentation.. Please note that there are API functions which have not yet been documented here. This section will be updated periodically. Where in doubt, please use the code as a reference directly, it’s commented. Requesting referrals affiliates_suggest_referral( $post_id, $description = ”, $data = null, […]

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