The ultimate Responsive Embedded & Fullscreen jQuery Slider + WordPress plugin included.

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The ultimate Responsive Embedded & Fullscreen jQuery Slider

Visit the extensive WunderSlider Demo and WunderSlider WordPress Demo to see WunderSlider’s full range of features.

  • Responsive & Flexible Layout

    Adaptive display modes support responsive designs without the need for media queries.

    WunderSlider’s flexible sizing system offers transition effects in all modes:

    • Fullscreen mode – occupies the entire viewport while staying in the background so that content can be displayed on top.
    • Proportional mode – adapts proportionally to the screen size.
    • Fixed mode – displays at a set fixed size.
  • WordPress plugin included

    WunderSlider comes with its own WordPress plugin that allows to embed it on WordPress sites through its own shortcodes.

    Visit the WunderSlider WordPress demo site.

  • Automatic Image Adjustment

    Images are adjusted to the slider size and display mode, maintaining the original image’s aspect ratio.

  • Effects

    41 transition effects that can be applied randomly or specified per slide.

  • Themes

    8 skins (themes) that support both embedded and fullscreen modes.

    Easily themeable.

  • Overlays

    12 overlay meshes in black or white with adjustable opacity for smoother image appearance on all display sizes.

  • Flexible Captions

    Individual image captions with titles, HTML descriptions and links.

    Caption position and size can be set independently for each image.

  • Links

    Link images and captions optionally: Allows to link image captions only or also the image.

  • Controls

    Show or hide UI controls independently: Next & previous navigation, image selectors, image captions.

  • Flick it!

    Flicking / swiping on all devices.

  • Touch Enabled

    All controls, including flicking / swiping, are supported in all display modes also on touch-enabled devices.

  • Viewing Comfort

    The slideshow can be paused optionally when the cursor is placed over an image.

  • Random Order

    Randomize image order: the order of the images displayed can be fixed or randomized.

  • Configurable Effects & Transitions

    Configurable number of effect blocks with auto-adjust feature to maintain a square block geometry if desired.

    A random number of blocks can be used as well.

    Configurable transition and effect times.

  • Lazy Loading

    Helps to save bandwidth by lazy loading images.

  • Valid Code

    • Valid HTML5
    • Valid CSS3
  • Cross-browser Compatible

    WunderSlider works with: FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera and other browsers on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and many other devices running Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

    Tested on:

    • FireFox (FF)
    • Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9 (IE7, IE8, IE9)
    • Safari on Mac OS and iOS (Mac, iPad)
    • Chrome
    • Opera
    • Android