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Hi Guys, Whats to deal with Accepted and Pending settings in the notifications setup page. After reading the documnetion on it im no further to understanding what to do with them for my circumstances.

From the Docs

If the default referral status under Settings > Referrals is “Accepted” and notifications are enabled on “Accepted” referrals but no notifications should be sent on “Pending” referrals.

Then the affiliates will still receive a notification if the referral status is updated automatically, the referral status would be:
1. Accepted
2. Changed automatically to pending based on order status

Im using Affiliate Pro used with contact form 7. What i need is for the Affiliate to get an email when the referral has used a contact form and sent an enquiry to us.

I also need the email address used int he contact form to get the email and the email used on the website. I think i have it setup as best i can but concerned over this Accepted & Pending status.

If possible, id just like these notification emails to be sent as soon as a referral has come onto the website and sent in an enquiry. Regardless of if its been opened and responded too.

At the moment i have Accepted selected in notification settings but not sure i should have any of them on or not.

Thanks for your time,


3 Responses to Accepted & Pending

  1. George March 22, 2016 at 9:54 am #

    Sure no problem Ben!


  2. Ben March 22, 2016 at 3:44 am #

    Hi George, Thanks for your response.

    I think the way i have it setup is ok i was just a little unsure about these status’s.

    At the moment in notification settings i have it set to “accepted” so i think as soon as a referral has been made and and email has been sent we are notified about it.

    We arent rewarding people for every referral sent through as its based on if that referral invests after initially contacting us, then the affiliate will earn their commission.

    We just needed to make sure that all parties were being notified as soon as the referral sent their enquiry.

    Thanks again,


  3. George March 21, 2016 at 12:19 pm #

    Hi Ben,

    The pending referral status is used normally when you want to further inspect a referral before accepting it.
    If you choose to accept all referrals ( the option under Affiliates>Settings>Referrals ),
    then you should choose to send notifications only on Accepted Referrals( under Affiliates>Notifications).
    If you choose to keep referrals pending, still you can only choose to send notifications only on Accepted Referrals ( under Affiliates>Notifications). If not, affiliates will be sent more than one emails concerning a new referral.

    In order to send a notification to an Affiliate upon a new referral, you should first enable the respective checkbox under Affiliates notifications ( Notify the affiliates). Then you should choose how the mail should be formatted, or keep the default email format provided. You can also use notification tokens listed here, or even CF7 tokens like [your-name], [your-email] or [your-message] etc.

    In order to send a copy to the sender as well, please follow these instructions.

    Kind regards,

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