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We have an issue with referral links: Our Affiliates can’t get a referral commission when an order is placed using their link.

Can you please check what’s the issue ASAP?

Also, We want Affiliate Coupons for our affiliates So, Once the customer uses the coupon code the affiliate gets the commission without using a referral link. How can we do this?
Please advise

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  1. George October 22, 2021 at 8:45 am #

    Hi Sarfraz,

    Following-up on my recommendations sent to you by email, what is the result you get once you deactivate all your plugins and then activate them one-by-one? What happens when you switch your active theme?
    So far and according to my findings the cookies are stored only for logged-in users and not for visitors. If these operations won’t help you resolve your issue, then you should also check and contact your hosting server support and describe your issue, as it possible that they use a feature which drops cookies for visitors.

    Regarding WC coupons and referrals, Affiliates Pro is capable of recording a referral when an affiliate coupon is used by a customer. These coupons can be set manually per affiliate if you edit an affiliate and add an existing coupon code as affiliate attribute.
    Furthermore, there is another option to create affiliate coupons automatically upon an affiliate registration and in bulk, if you use the premium addon Affiliates Coupons.

    Kind regards,

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