Affiliates not always getting credit for referrals

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My affiliates get credit for their referrals but sometimes it goes to me (direct) when it should go to them. Is this because the person who clicked their link doesn’t have their cookies turned on? What other reasons could there be? Right now I have about 75% success with the correct person getting the referral.

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  1. kento February 14, 2014 at 10:41 am #

    It can be because of the referral timeout setting, you can try to make that larger so the affiliate link visits don’t expire too soon and your affiliate gets credited. Also, if the visitor has cleared cookies, then that would be a reason why the affiliate doesn’t get credited. Note that depending on the integration, referrals are not necessarily only based on cookies but also other mechanisms, but if it’s just the links, adjusting the referral timeout would be appropriate.

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