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Hey guys,

I posted previously a topic called “Affiliate Link Not Properly Recording Visits/Hits” and asked why there was such a difference in total visits/hits reporting compared to our link shortening reports and facebook click reports. ie) we promoted a post with a shortened link with our affiliate code in the url and facebook reported ~180 clicks, ~200 but the affiliates plugin only ~20.

George responded and asked me if I used “Google Analytics” to see if the link was getting 4xx errors. We do not have Google Analytics setup, however we received no reports from customers/clients or any test clicks of our links that they were redirecting to a 4xx error. We tried a few more posts on Facebook with varying results in link click totals.

Upon further research, its fairly evident that the Affiliates plugin is NOT reporting any clicks/visits/hits or traffic coming from a mobile device. I tested both links from Google Chrome on an iOS device logged into Facebook, and i also tested a link inside of the Facebook Mobile application for iOS. Neither test click on the link registered in the Affiliates reporting. A quick test in my web browser of my computer in Google Chrome with the same link reported the link visit/hit instantly.

Is ITThinx aware that there software does not report any mobile traffic? Am I the first to discover this or am I missing something here?

Please help.


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  1. George April 27, 2015 at 11:34 am #

    Hi Andrew,

    I have searched further your issue with visits/clicks and if you check this link on facebook docs section 2, it says

    The Facebook Crawler fetches content from your site and generates a preview for people on Facebook. When someone shares a URL on Facebook and Likes or Recommends a page on your site using a plugin, it activates the Facebook Crawler.

    This explains the difference between facebook stats and Affiliates plugin stats.

    As for your second issue, i have tried your tests as well, with a normal affiliate link, a shortened link through, a product link and a product link through
    All the tests were made through a PC browser, an iOS browser and iOS facebook app.
    All the tests have produced the expected results and most important new referrals have been tracked and commissions have been granted.
    So, i further investigate your issue.
    In the meantime, please check once more all your links just in case there is a mispell.

    Kind regards,

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