Affiliates Registration with Gravity Forms

After creating a registration form for the Affiliates Plugin, I clicked “Affiliates” under the settings tab.
And I checked/enabled, “Register and Affiliate Account.”

But I want to be sure about the “Referral Settings”
I enabled this, and checked “base amount.”
I was hoping that this was sufficient if..
1. I just wanted to register new users.
2. I wanted affiliates on tier one to get credit for referrals for tier 2.
3. I didn’t want to set any referral rates, specifically applied to this registration form, but just wanted normal affiliate relationships in each tier to be applied, and all calculations done within the affiliates software..

Is this correct?
Is that what “base amount” under “Referral Base Amount” means??

Thanks in advance.
Very powerful software.
Thanks again.

3 Responses to Affiliates Registration with Gravity Forms

  1. George March 24, 2018 at 6:39 pm #

    Yes exactly Craig.
    Once a referred affiliate registers, the affiliate will be beneath the referring affiliate.

    No worries about the questions, I would also recommend you to make a test registration and see the system in action, after following my instructions. In case something doesn’t fit with what you are trying to accomplish, don’t hesitate to ask again.


  2. Craig Hunt March 23, 2018 at 2:29 pm #

    Ok.. So for registration purposes only… I don’t need to set any amounts, or check any other buttons except for enable registrations.
    I am just making sure.

    I think what I was wondering was a scenerio as such.

    Let’s say an existing affiliate uses his affiliate link to sign up another potential affiliate.
    but, rather then sending him through any product purchasing process, where the potential affiliate would create an account in checkout…
    he instead just sends him to the create an account registration form (gravity forms)…
    and when.. the new potential affilate registers and creates an account,
    the new potential affiliate will be linked underneath the existing referring affiliate.

    So a simple tier relation setup through the gravity forms registration process.
    I am sure it does exactly that.. I just wanted to make sure.
    Sorry if these questions sound novice, I am new to this. Thanks again, for your patience.

  3. George March 23, 2018 at 12:00 am #

    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for using our software, I’m glad you find it powerful.

    The Base amount in GF Affiliates settings as the description says is related to the amount field in your form. If you use the form only for registrations, i assume that you haven’t added such field.

    In order to set the commissions and tiered commissions for that, you should add a new rate under Affiliates > Rates with an amount. As for tiered commissions you need to add a new rate and set the Level to 1, for first level aka the referrer of the affiliate. If you need to give a second level tiered commission then you should add another rate and set Level to 2.

    Kind regards,

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