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Hey there!

Hope you have an ides a solution.. I wanna use Affiliate Pro with WooCommerce to build a Binary Network for just one product with different flavors..

That means, that I need to manage an affiliate of another affiliate of another affiliate.. It sounds difficult? I know 馃檪

We wanna become a new affiliate.no1.. For example we give this affiliate.no1 a rate of 30%. If this affiliate.no1 generates another affiliate.no2, than no1 should give no2 for example 50% of his own commission, in this case stays 15% at no1 and no2 get 15%, too. Every order from no2 should be fixed in the line of no1.

That means

no1.alone = 30%

no1.with1line & no2 : (no1)15% to (no2)15%

no1.with2line & no2 & no3 : (no1)15% to (no2)7,5% to (no3)7,5%

We need a register-form that can manage this, too.

Hope it麓s clear what I mean. We wanna start a network-marketing with affiliates. It麓s also important to become the possibility that the affiliate become a lifetime-commission if her/his customer order something in Woo..

Is it possible to manage this with your products in combination with WooCommerce? If yes, what for products are exactly needed to manage this?


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  1. antonio July 28, 2014 at 6:53 am #

    it seems a multi-tier system. In this case you need Affiliates Enterprise (in your downloads page you have a coupon to upgrade to enterprise).

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