Bought Nearly Everything Yesterday… all my questions

Sorry for posting everything here at one time, but I thought it may be easier to track everything on one thread.

Gravity Forms + Username

If I am using Gravity add-on, can I allow the new user to specific and enter his own username? If so, how?
If I am using Gravity add-on, can I allow the new user to specify his own password?

Also, I’m having problems with getting the “username” plugin to show the username in the links, etc., using shortcodes.
Gravity Forms add-on (or Contact Form 7?)

I want to create a form for a product that, when submitted, it adds a “commission” for the affiliate, but does so with a “pending”-type status that doesn’t allow commissions to be processed until I manually update that it is “active” and commissionable. Can this be done? Also, if I were to mark it as “actionable” — I probably wouldn’t do so within WooCommerce, since Gravity forms is stand-alone… or… should I integrate it with WooCommerce (with a corresponding product to attach with this form) and attempt the same thing? (I would prefer for ALL orders to go through WooCommerce rather than some that are the result of a Gravity Forms submission residing somewhere else.)

Affiliates Ready Light

I really don’t understand the importance of this plugin. I mean, I KNOW I’M MISSING SOMETHING, but it appears to do what your primary software ALREADY does: credit an affiliate for a sale. What am I missing?

Affiliate Products Plugin

Does this conflict or work in conjunction with the WooCommerce Vendors/Marketplace plugin?

Affiliates MS

I know how this plugin is supposed to work, however, I’m wondering if it can do something more…

For example, could I use my affiliate software (Enterprise) to run something similar to a Share-a-Sale/CJ network? Meaning: a site may not be a “network” site of my own, by perhaps on another server. Can code be integrated onto THAT site so that the affiliate’s referral and cookie are captured on the checkout page… with the data then appearing in the reports at my site? (I VERY MUCH ASSUME THE ANSWER TO THIS IS NO, but just curious your thoughts.)

Logging In

It appears to me that a WordPress Member can login to the site using the typical login page. However, since your affiliate software creates a new user structure (not WP) that affiliates CANNOT login via the typical WP login?

If that is the case, I would assume that if I am using the “Affiliates Users” plugin that every new member will also have an affiliate account; therefore, if a member logs in via the standard WP login, this would work. However, if an affiliate didn’t sign up to be a member, he would NOT be able to login to his affiliate account, via the standard WP login page?

However, if the new affiliate is signing up with the Gravity forms add-on, can he THEN also be made a “member” (meaning, he would be a “user” like my other site members)?

User Pro & Users Ultra

I use this:

Do you happen to know if using something like this could be compatible for affiliate profiles and sign-ups, etc.? I know that it creates new login screens.

3 Responses to Bought Nearly Everything Yesterday… all my questions

  1. Brad March 28, 2014 at 6:32 am #

    Thanks for providing such detailed answers for each. I’m sorry, but I need to follow up.

    1. Regarding “Affiliates Products” — I know this probably isn’t the intended use, but let me ask how difficult it would be to use in the following manner:

    a. I have the WooCommerce Product Vendors plugin installed. I want to use it to enable Vendors to get paid for the products that they sell. However…

    b. I would like to achieve this: Affiliate-A refers Vendor to our Marketplace. When Vendor makes a sale on the Marketplace, the Affiliate who referred him would be commissioned, as well as the Vendor, using WooCommerce’s plugin.

    c. The other thing is, if the above SALE was referred by Affiliate-B, this would be captured in the typical manner.

    ^^ Would that configuration work?

    Thanks again for your help!

    • kento April 1, 2014 at 10:42 pm #

      Hi Brad, the problem with that is that these plugins aren’t integrated at all. So you would be looking at a customized integration for it, there are freelancers around who could do that though.

  2. kento March 7, 2014 at 9:58 pm #

    Hi Brad,


    For the fields please see the User Registration documentation


    See for shortcode usage.


    It would be best to handle products through WooCommerce based on what you describe. Go to Affiliates > WooCommerce Integration and review the settings for completed (uncheck) and processing orders (use the ‘pending’ option). Also set the default referral status as ‘Pending’ under Affiliates > Options. Note that with this you will have to manually review all referrals which actually defies the intent of the automated handling. Unless you really want to review everything manually (which is fine if you have few orders but cumbersome if you have many) then leave it automated as the system will keep referral status synced to order status.

    You don’t need to use Affiliates Ready Light – that’s for another e-commerce system.

    Affiliates Products – used to grant sales shares, you can grant for example 50% on every instance of a specific product sold to a product partner. This is not an affiliate commission for referrals but actually sharing product revenue.

    Share Network / Affiliates MS – that would require much more than just a setup using components OOTB, so you’re right, it’s not intended for that 🙂


    Affiliates can log in using the form provided on the affiliate area, but they can also log in using the back end form. Logging in has the same effect in that case, except that affiliates have a special ‘status’ in a sense because there is an affiliate entry related to their user account. Note that affiliates and users in the system are different entities which may, or may not, be related.

    When you use Affiliates Users, it will create affiliate entry related to the user account. of course, if you’re letting users register through the Gravity Forms integration, then that wouldn’t be necessary. But, if you want to use the UserPro plugin – note that I don’t have any experience using it, first time I hear of it 🙂 – then the Affiliates Users plugin would come in handy because it would create the affiliate entry and relate it to the user account if the UserPro plugin actually creates an account in the system.

    I hope that these answers are helpful for you, I would recommend to read through an extensive part of the documentation of all plugins and follow setup examples and procedures, as that will help you get a good overview of each plugin’s features and capabilities, it will also help you get a better understanding of what is more suitable for the use cases you have in mind.

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