Can I Import Multiple Member Roles

Using the importer I apply this to my header row in the txt file I upload:
@user_login user_email first_name last_name roles

This txt file looks like:
Steve Hoffman Steve Hoffman subscriber

I have a need to upload multiple roles, for example, I want each person to have Subscriber and Administrator roles.

Is that possible and if so how?

3 Responses to Can I Import Multiple Member Roles

  1. DORON KRINETZ January 22, 2021 at 3:06 pm #

    I just used Admin and Subscriber as an example. In reality I have dozens of custom roles that allow our members to see or not see items they signed up for. So the question still stands. Can I upload users using your importer with multiple roles? Importing 1000 users and then going one by one selecting additional roles would not be efficient or realistic.

    • Eugen Bleck January 23, 2021 at 11:43 am #

      Hi Doron,

      Thank you for the update. I trust you are well and safe!

      You can definitely have those roles imported, by specifying the roles with a comma-separated list.

      You can read more on this here:

      STAY SAFE and I wish you a very fine productive day ahead!
      Kindest regards,

  2. Eugen Bleck January 22, 2021 at 2:21 pm #

    Hi Doron,

    Happy new year and thank you for reaching out.

    I trust you are well and safe! Thank you so much for choosing and using Groups and its extensions. It brings us great joy to know you are using our plugin.

    With regards to having each person with Subscriber and Administrator roles, it would not be logical as an admin role already surpasses and incorporates the Subscriber role. You can read more on the roles WordPress offers here:

    Once, imported please extend the role of these users, by:
    * Navigating to Users
    * Selecting the desired users
    * Use the bulk action: change role to, in order to have the user roles changed to your desired role(admin role).

    I remain available if you have any further questions.

    STAY SAFE and I wish you a very fine and productive day ahead!
    Kind regards,

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