Change the affiliates rewards

Hello, I have been using Affiliates PRO for a while and we noticed that even tho it’s a very great plugin we would like to change it a bit.

Is it possible to use the affiliate links to fill in quests and reward the affiliate coupons?
We need a program where the user creates an account and has to reach goals/complete quests in order to gain coupons, heres an example:

> Create an account on the program = rewarding U$5,00 coupon
> Use your like to invite 3 friends to the program = rewarding 10% off coupon
> First buy using your link = rewarding U$10,00 coupon

And so on. Is that possible using Affiliates Pro? If so, could I get a support member to help me out? If not, is there a plugin from itthinx that does something like this?

I really like the plugins itthinx provide and would be very happy if such thing is possible! Thanks in advance for the support.

One Response to Change the affiliates rewards

  1. George June 19, 2020 at 1:17 pm #

    Hi Paulo,

    Many thanks for using Affiliates Pro and for enjoying our plugins. We are constantly working on and keeping them up-to-date always considering our customers’ ideas and feedback.

    Although there is no native support for your use case, a custom implementation of an addon can cover these cases. My first approach on that would be to check each of the referrals awarded and generate a coupon based on the quest completed-referral recorded. When a referral is recorded should be examined and according to its type create a coupon and perhaps email it to the affiliate successfully completing the quest.

    There are several more details required for this project but definitely it requires a custom system which will handle the referrals and decide how and which reward to generate and grant to the respective affiliate. Furthermore, if there are more rewards-quests you have in mind, then these should be taken into consideration. Although you already know that you can check the referrals and create coupons manually, in order to automate these operations, then a specialised plugin should be developed.

    Kind regards,

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