Commissions for Affiliates who refer Vendors

I do not have your “Affiliate Products” plugin, as I am currently using the Vendor Products plugin at Woo…

However, that may change, depending on the answer to this question.

I would like for my affiliates to be rewarded when they find/refer “partners” to our marketplace (by partners, I am referring to the Vednors who would sell products on my marketplace).

So, for example Affiliate A refers Vendor A to our website. Vendor A fills out a form and is manually approved by us. Once manually approved, I would like the following to happen:

Whenever Vendor A makes a sale, referring Affiliate will make a small commission, as well. Now, the product that is being sold has a universal commission rate, that applies to all affiliates, such as Affiliate B. So the payout scenario may look like this:

1. Affiliate A refers Vendor.

2. Vendor sells product for $100.

3. Affiliate A gets 5% of all Vendor’s sales.

4. Affiliate B gets 15% of all Vendor’s sales.

5. If Affiliate A were to have sold Vendor product, by referring traffic to it directly, he would earn 5% + 15%.

Hope that makes sense. How might you recommend achieving that?

3 Responses to Commissions for Affiliates who refer Vendors

  1. Brad May 27, 2014 at 9:17 pm #

    Let me see if I am understanding you correctly:

    1. Affiliate A refers Vendor.

    2. The Vendor is essentially, also an Affiliate.

    3. Vendor has 1 product in our marketplace.

    4. Since this Vendor is in the Affiliate’s Downline…

    5. When Vendor sells Product, Affiliate receives his “Commission”… since Vendor is a sub-aff.

    6. When Vendor sells Product, Vendor receives his “Commission”, as usual.

    However, if this is what you are saying, then what happens if Affiliate B refers a buyer to Product? Will there then automatically be a split between 3 commission recipients (including upline)?

    I still feel like I’m missing something… or, maybe everything. Mind elaborating or providing a few more details?

    • kento June 2, 2014 at 8:09 am #

      Hi Brad,

      Yes, this is correct. But there won’t be any commission split between them, these are credited individually following the rates that are set for each case. If the vendor gets a product commission and two other affiliates also get referral commissions, you need to take into account that you will have granted the sum of these to them. If you’d like to give the combination a try it would probably be easier to see if it will work for you (if not, you’re welcome to request a refund).

  2. kento May 27, 2014 at 4:04 pm #

    One solution that I can think of would based on Affiliates Enterprise’s tiers. Assuming that you use Affiliates Products to assign certain products to vendors and have an affiliate in a vendor’s downline, the affiliate would get a commission of the vendor’s share. As the vendors are permanently getting commissions on product sales, the related affiliates would also get them. This should also cover the combination where the affiliate has referred a sale, the vendor gets a share and the same affiliate also gets a commission on the vendor’s share.

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