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I need a way to allow affiliates to BUY 100% discount coupon codes (instead of freely generate them) to give/sell them (in their own physical/virtual stores) and, when customer “buy” the product using the coupon code (it’s a 100% coupon code, so it will be a free checkout), he be registered as “referred” by the affiliate who bought the coupon (don’t matter if the customer accessed the store using other affiliate link, the affiliate who generated the coupon have priority). I can send a link to a similar module that do this (just don’t link the customer to the affiliate who generated the coupon) in case you can just make then work together. E-mail me (you should have my e-mail, I think I’m logged to post here).

One Response to Coupon Codes

  1. kento June 10, 2014 at 5:39 pm #

    Hi Renato,

    If you want it fully automated, this would be a custom project for which you can request a quote on a freelancer site or from us (although in our case we’re currently fully scheduled).

    If you can assign the coupons manually, then you can proceed like this:

    1. Let the affiliate purchase a “Free Coupon” product you have set up.
    2. For every product purchase of the Free Coupon product, issue a coupon for the affiliate and relate it from Affiliates > Manage Affiliates > edit the affiliate’s attributes and add the coupon code.

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