Creating Commission Scales

I would like to create a scalable commission schedule, for instance:

Affiliate X sells 1000$ in product in one month, they will earn a commission of 10%.
The next month Affiliate X sells 2000$ in product, they will earn a 20% commission.

I can’t seem to find anywhere in the forums that outlines this. Any help is appreciated!

One Response to Creating Commission Scales

  1. George April 27, 2021 at 10:16 pm #

    Hi Daryl,

    Welcome to our support channel and many thanks for using our affiliate marketing tool on your site.

    In order to have a scalable commission system with Affiliates Enterprise, you need to use a custom implementation which will calculate the sales for an affiliate per month and then adjust the commission rate accordingly. To begin with, you should use Formula Rates but also adjust them accordingly using the filter hook we provide for that reason

    Inside the filter hook callback function you can make the necessary calculations and adjust the rate accordingly. However, you should keep in mind that Affiliates Enterprise plugin adds a commission once a sale is referred so when a new referral is added you should either adjust this new referral commission and all the already recorded ones, or at the end of the month add a new referral that will make the total commission equal to the desired commission you wish to grant.

    Kind regards,

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