Different commissions for different coupons.


Is it possible to put 2 or 3 coupon codes to 1 affiliate partner and to set different commissions for any code?
For example:
Code10 – 10% discount for the customer, 5% commission
Code15 – 15% discount for the customer, 15% commission
Code20 – 20% discount for the customer, 20% commission

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One Response to Different commissions for different coupons.

  1. George June 17, 2024 at 9:53 am #

    Hi Aleksandar,

    Welcome back to our support forum.
    As for your question regarding coupons, yes, you can use more than one coupons assigned to each of your affiliates. Also, you can adjust the commission granted for each of these coupons using a Formula-based rate and a customized calculation of the formula parameters, through the filter hook affiliates_formula_computer_variables.
    The third parameter of this hook, the context array, contains the order id that can be used to fetch a submitted order, find the coupon code(s) applied and finally calculate your commission based on these coupons.

    Last but not least, it appears that your license for Affiliates Enterprise has expired, since March 2024. Once you renew this license by purchasing the plugin again, you will get access again to the support forums and updates for the plugin and its integrations.

    Kind regards,

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