Giving Commission to affiliates who’s customers are buying direct from the site

I am using Affiliate Enterprise to allow my consultants to sell products from the website at 30% discount. Each consultant has a unique consultant code which they can share with their customers. When they register their customer onto the site they can allocate that customer to themselves by including their consultant code in their customer’s registration details. This way, if the customer decides to buy direct from the site the consultant receives their 30% commission from that sale.

How can I set this up so that the commission is allocated to the consultant and where can I see what commission is due to each consultant from purchases made directly on site by their customers?

Also is there a way to automate payment of this commission to the consultants?


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  1. George August 22, 2019 at 9:52 pm #

    Hi Julian,

    Thanks for describing your situation, which is basically a permanent relation between an affiliate and a customer. Your consultants can register new customers after following their affiliate link. Each new customer will be automatically assigned to the referring consultant so whenever the customer makes a purchase, the consultant will get a commission. This process is supported by Affiliates Permanent premium addon and can be found here.

    The commission can be set using Rates. First you need to choose Rates as the commission Method under Affiliates > Settings, Commissions tab. Then under Affiliates > Rates you should add a new rate, choose Rate as the Type and set the Value to 0.3.

    Regarding payments, you can generate a Mass Payment File under Affiliates > Totals which can be used to process mass payments directly with PayPal and other payment processors who accept this format.

    Kind regards,

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