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Hi, we have purchased Affiliates Enterprise, but are having a hard time getting it setup in a meaningful manner with an existing PayPal subscription mechanism we have developed using PayPal’s web API. Specifically:
— Is there a way to capture an existing / historic PayPal subscription via the IPN notifications and manually assigned it to an affiliate
— Is there a way to manually add a recurring referral to an affiliate?
— How do you do multiple categories of affiliates with different commission levels?

One Response to Home Made PayPal subscriptions

  1. antonio September 27, 2016 at 8:49 am #

    Hi Ivar,
    – I assume that you are not using the Woocommerce Subscriptions, you are using a custom paypal solution, so you can use the Affiliates API to add a new referral from your ipn function.
    – Simply from the function called when a susbscription is renewed, you need to check if there is a referral asociated to the subscription id (when you create the referral, you can set the subscription id as post_id field). If this association exists, then add the new referral.
    – You can set custom referral rate to the affiliates (from Affiliates->Manage Affiliates, if you edit the affiliate, then you can see this). If you will go to use with Woocommerce, you can use the Affiliates Groups plugin to set custom rates according to the affiliate’s group.
    Kind Regards,
    Antonio B.

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