How to stop unrealistic “visits” for affiliates in “pay per click” for affiliates pro

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Hello forum, here is what I encountered recently with my users.

Basically, We pay users for referring traffics to our website.

Recently, we figured out that there were a group of members on WhatsApp (up to 50 participants) who have agreed to be clicking and visiting our website via each of other’s affiliate links in the group per day.

So each participant would be clicking on each of the 50 links to our website daily and the “Affiliates pro Pay Per Click” would simply grant commissions for these unrealistic visits.

I switched to “Daily Visits” instead of “Visits” mode but this will only stop recording repeated visits via from the same IP address and therefore doesn’t prevent this unrealistic visit earnings.

So I thought if there is a way to stop this from happening.

I also thought if there would be an option for “Weekly”, and “Monthly” just like there are already “Daily Visits”, …

This way if they became aware that they won’t earn from “Visits” from same user until it completes one week or one month they won’t be doing this fraudulent.

Please help me get this done, this is urgent!!!

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  1. Eugen Bleck June 30, 2020 at 10:46 am #

    Hi Godswill,

    I trust you are well and safe. Thank you so much for using Affiliates Pro.

    I must apologize for the delayed response. Though the option for intervals cannot change, if you use Daily visits and also check the statistics under Affiliates > Visits & Referrals, you can detect fraudulent actions.

    In this report, you can expand referrals and check if the visits or clicks come from the same IP have been done at the same or similar date-time and also see where the traffic comes from and where it ends up.

    For instance see attached screenshot:

    Even though these clicks will record a referral according to your PPC settings, it is clear enough that they are not legitimate and therefore the referral should be rejected.

    Once again I must apologize for the delayed response and I remain available to help.

    I wish you a fun and amazing day ahead.

    Kind regards,

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