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We are using Affiliate Enterprise and Affiliates Contact Form 7 Integration plugin, as we use our Affiliate program for Lead generation only. Our affiliates get paid once a student (Lead) completes a form (see below) and has been officially enrolled onto a course. So there is quite a time gap for this process to be finalized.

We have created a Contact 7 form (http://studentlinkglobal.com/affiliates/get-started/ ) so that Affiliates can either complete the form on behalf or their student as a lead to us (in which case they can just include their own affiliate ID or name in the form field, but in some cases Affiliates will just promote the same landing page (above) to prospective students using one of their banners, so students will have to complete the form themselves. Now what we need to know are the following, which we are not clear about?:

a) If students fill in the form (above) and do not complete the Affiliate Agent ID [affiliate_id] field in the form or affiliate name, because they will not know who the affiliate is, especially if they just clicked on a banner – how can we track this type of scenario and award the affiliate the lead? Should we be using hidden fields in our Contact form 7 or something to track this for the affiliate name or ID?

b) When we try to review the data from our Student form submission, we can only view it in the Referrer section of the plugin, where it is shown as a referral rather than a lead. Is this right? If so, how do we distinguish our Student referrals from our student form, from a sub Affiliate 2nd tier referral in the future?

c) How can we export our lead data from the referrer section with the affiliate name and/or affiliate ID included, if so how? As we need to export the data submitted from our Student form with the affiliate name or ID included. We need to export it, so it can later be imported into Zoho recruit.

d) Also, when affiliates sign up initially, how do we view all the data we requested from their affiliate sign up form via the Affiliates Contact Form 7 Integration plugin, we can see the sign ups in the Affiliate back office with some basic data (but not all the data) and we can also see an Affiliate export link, but the export file does not include all the submission data we requested from Affiliates at the time they registered. Again we would like to export this data, including the affiliate name and/or ID to import it later into Zoho recruit.

e) Finally, because we also want to have a 2nd level introduction by affiliates for new affiliates for say £10 per second level referral, how we will distinguish these referrals from the Student Leads form Data leads, also coming into the Referral section.

We may not have understood things properly but just need to be able to do the above to fit in with our business model. Please confirm the above, we are also using a wordpress multisite, hope this all makes sense.

Thanks for your assistance,

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  1. StudentLink June 19, 2015 at 2:36 pm #

    Thanks very much for you patience and time, we have successfully achieved the above, but as I explained previously the only data missing from the above set up when we receive our email via contact form 7 (values submitted through the fields in our form), is the tracked affiliates name or ID.

    A) How do we include (in the email we receive from contact form 7) i.e. the affiliates user name or ID token that has been tracked by your software. We want to at least be given the Affiliate username or id to show with the data we receive in our email, so it accompanies their matching lead. We have tried using the token [affiliate_id] but it just shows up empty.

    We get all the other information (as you described above) but what we do not know from the email data (if it is from a banner click) is who is the Affiliate is, who referred this lead. Your system obviously tracks it successfully, but what token must we use or hidden field must we use to get the affiliate user or id included in our email data results (hope this makes sense?).

    This is what we need clarity on from you, to achieve we thought the lead tracking features in the Enterprise version would allow us to achieve this. As I said, we simply want to see, included in the email data (as you described above) – who the affiliate is – so we know immediately from our email who referred the lead we receive, without having to manually cross reference it online.

    B) Like I said on the notifications end, in your software we get an email stating an affiliate has just referred a lead, but it does not say who the lead is or give the name of the lead either, so it does not help us cross reference via email who referred who straight away.

    You assistance on this is so appreciated an answer or resolution to the above would suffice so we can get moving on this. Alternatively if you cannot let us know how to achieve the above in any way (which I am sure you can), would another alternative be that instead we try to push the data received by your software in the referral section, across automatically via your api or something to our zoho crm? Just thinking outside the box.

    • antonio July 1, 2015 at 4:04 pm #

      sorry for the delay.
      A) To add more tokens or changes the CF7 emails, please contact with the Contact Form 7 authors plugin to support about it.
      B) In Affiliates->Notifications you can use [affiliate_name] and/or [affiliate_id] tokens to add this data in the emails.
      Antonio B.

  2. StudentLink June 16, 2015 at 4:37 pm #

    Thanks for your reply Antonio, but I did not find the answer as directed.

    Basically we do not sell products so order tokens filters do not apply, we also checked the notifications. To recap or better explain our issue we hope this will give you more clarity.

    1) We only use the affiliate software for lead generation only. So when a lead (referrer) clicks on a affiliate banner link they are sent to a contact 7 form to complete their name and other details.

    2) We get notified via email on the affiliate side that “a referral has been credited to the affiliate [affiliate_name] (ID [affiliate_id]) on [site_title]. ” But unfortunately this email notification does not tell us who the referral was e.g. the lead name or any of the details they submitted on that lead form. We would like to see at least their name via the notification email.

    Or alternatively

    3) When we receive the data via email from contact form 7 with the leads details submitted, it does not say in that email who the affiliate was either their username or id or anything?

    Can specify how we can achieve either one or both of these scenarios, whether it is possible or not, and exactly how or what we need to do because after several weeks we have still not achieved this yet. Unless we have completely misunderstood something or just not got it? Please can you assist or advise us asap to resolve this query as we thought the Enterprise version would allow us to achieve Lead generation in this way.

    Thanks for your patience and help,

    • antonio June 19, 2015 at 6:01 am #

      if you need to add the submited data in the notifications, you can use the field name in Affiliates->Notifications.
      In Affiliates->Contact Form 7 you have a description how to use this:
      Contact Form 7 field names can also be used as tokens. The tokens are replaced by the text or values that have been submitted through a form.
      For example, assuming you have a text field in your form named your-name and the field is represented by the code [text your-name] in your form, you can use [your-name] in the notification email subject and message body.
      Text form fields and the values submitted through fields of other types (e.g. checkbox, select, ...) are represented in a consistent manner when supported.


  3. StudentLink June 12, 2015 at 5:37 pm #

    Okay thanks Antonio for that I am going to do as you suggested and will get back to you. With reference to our original question (a) With regards to the contact 7 form. When we get the email results sent to us via a lead submission with an affiliate using a banner link, how can be get the affiiate_id to show in our email results if the form is completed via a banner link. Is there any way of knowing, via the email data results we receive who the affiliate is who referred the applicant lead. Should we have a hidden field or something to achieve this if it get tracked by the banner link. I see now the data gets tracked in the affiliate referral software section, but when the email lead data comes in we have not idea right away to know which affiliate referred the lead. Can you advise us how to achieve this using contact form 7 with your software.

    • antonio June 15, 2015 at 2:51 pm #

      Hi StudentLink,
      maybe this comment by @kento can help you.
      Antonio B.

  4. StudentLink June 9, 2015 at 11:47 pm #

    Antonio, thanks for your reply very helpful. But, just to mention the Affiliates Export Referrals plugin link you gave, we downloaded it but seems to only export affiliate data, not any affiliate referral data unless we have missed something? Also, if we use it to export the Affiliate data, it does not export any of the additional data we requested when the affiliates submitted their application form. How do we export all the data they gave us, or that we asked for on their Affiliate registration form. Look forward to your advice on this or a solution. Thanks!

    • antonio June 10, 2015 at 9:42 am #

      the plugin is only a reference that you should customize (it’s created to export affiliate data).
      If you change the referrals loop to this loop, and add the new $data variable to the $output, you should see more information (I assume that ‘your-submit’ is a field in the form).

  5. antonio June 5, 2015 at 8:02 am #

    Hi StudenLink,
    a.- If the affiliate_id doesn’t exists or is empty, then the system uses the cookie generated by the banner.
    b.- If you select Expand details, Expand descriptions and Expand data in the filter, you could see a ‘Tier Level’ data field.
    c, d.- You can use Affiliates Export Referrals plugin as reference to create your own solution.
    e.- Using the ‘Expand data’ option in referrals filter you can see the origin of the referrals.
    Antonio B.

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