Listing affiliates_dashboard_ referrals

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Hi, i like to list in this section order number a items, buy i don麓t know how i do it.

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  1. Denitsa March 25, 2019 at 6:00 pm #

    Hello, Ivan,
    Some custom coding would be required in order to have the number of items appear, taking a look at the templates/dashboard/referrals-entry.php file might clarify how the dashboard is rendered. You can find info on the template files in the plugin’s API documentation here ->
    If you’d describe your desired result a bit more, it’s going to be mighty helpful when coming up with a solution 馃檪
    So, do you use the shortcode for the referrals, or the block?
    Where would you like the Items count to appear (e.g., as a column before/after the Items column, or somewhere else)?