Multi-Tiered Affiliate Levels

I have purchased the Affiliates Enterprise system in hopes to allow an affiliate to obtain 3 levels of commissions for products. I’m wondering if there is currently a way to move an affiliate automatically through commission tiers, based on how many products they have sold? I understand that through manual movement and coupon use, we can adjust the tier level for a specific performer, but I’m wondering about automatic movement through the 3 tiers based on a month of sales. Example: Affiliate sells 4 products in one month, they are moved to the 2nd commission tier. Same affiliate the following week, sells 4 more and they are automatically moved to the 3rd commission tier.

Also, if there is a system in place for automated commission movement, is there a way to reset that every month, moving all affiliates to the 1st tier level?

I also bought Enterprise for the ability to assign coupons to an affiliate. I can add a coupon code to an affiliate, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to associate commission percentage on an affiliates coupon? Is that only accomplished at the product level? Is there another way to add commission level to a coupon? I don’t see a separate plugin for coupons in my downloads section, is there more to the coupons than what I’m seeing?

Thank you so much!

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  1. George February 13, 2019 at 1:36 pm #

    Hi Brian,

    Affiliates tiers feature allows you to create networks of affiliates, where an affiliate can refer a new affiliate and get a tiered commission whenever the referred affiliate gets a commission. All the details are explained in depth in the post Affiliate Tiers Demystified.

    Regarding your case, I would recommend you to have a look at affiliates-rankings free addon which allows you to promote each of your affiliates according to their performance. Although it doesn’t offer an option to automatically reset the rank in a set time interval, it can offer rankings and different rates per rank. You should have a look at the repository, download and install it on your site.

    FYI, coupons feature is used at the moment as an alternative tool for affiliates to promote your store. The customer can use a coupon instead of following the affiliate’s link and the system will grant a referral. I will keep your suggestion in mind though and check if a rate-per-coupon feature can be added in one of the future releases of our plugin.

    Kind regards,

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