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Hi there

I’m wanting to create two different types of affiliates. I want them to be able to be set up receiving different types of commission, both based on sales derived.
– Affiliate 1. receiving a 10% voucher for my store.
– Affiliate 2> receiving 20% cash commission.

I want to automatically give affiliate 1 a unique URL and a 14 day expiry period (affiliate 2 never expires)

I also want an option on the registration form, so users can decide which program they prefer (or alternatively creating two different forms that would be shown in different registration pages)

I’d also like to create different landing pages for each affiliate (e.g.: Landing page for affiliate 1 should be different than landing page from affiliate 2)

Can you please assist how I could do this?

Thank you

One Response to Multiple Program

  1. kento March 17, 2015 at 6:55 pm #

    Hi Heather,

    Regarding the way affiliates are paid, you can pay them either way, i.e. through a voucher or cash, based on the totals. To distinguish which payment method is preferred, you could use a custom field where the affiliates indicate their preferred method. You would have to include that field in the registration form.

    Regarding the different landing pages, affiliates can link to any page on their site using their affiliate ID and URL parameter so different landing pages would be rather limiting, unless you are going to have specific pages built for each affiliate.


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