Need affiliates to have multiple and custom links

Hello I have a WooCommerce site and I would like an affiliate plugin that can do this on an affiliate basis:

Affiliate X

Where I, as an operator (business owner) can determine the string value of ABC and XYZ (so it’s not determined for example by the affiliate ID or username as in your plugin). I also need that on an affiliate basis I can create MULTIPLE tracking links, so the affiliate can have 1+ tracking links, and those values (ABC and XYZ) will determine what the discount the end-user is going to get.

I also need some reporting type of tool where affiliate can of course check what they have referred.

We are currently a customer of your plug in.

Thank you.


One Response to Need affiliates to have multiple and custom links

  1. George January 31, 2020 at 1:59 pm #

    Hi Jorge,

    Many thanks for using our Affiliates plugin on your site.

    The basic concept of our plugin, as you also mention is to identify an affiliate according to the ID or username that is stored in the browser cookie when a potential customer uses an affiliate URL.

    Based on your description and from the fact that the different tracking link would determine the discount amount, I would recommend you to check coupons. You can create multiple coupons in WooCommerce and also multiple coupons can be assigned to a single affiliate – as you probably have already noticed since you also use Affiliates Coupons.
    Also, from the affiliate’s point of view and in terms of promotion, IMO it’s easier to promote a coupon instead of a URL. The affiliate can communicate a discount for the potential customer and at the same time get a commission.

    The other option I can think of would be to upgrade to Affiliates Enterprise and use several campaigns each one granting a different discount, but in this case a custom implementation would be required in order to check the involved campaign and adjust the discount accordingly. Even with this option though I think that you end up using my first suggestion.

    In general, your affiliates can track their performance through the Affiliate Area page or Affiliates Dashboard depending on which one you use on your website.

    Kind regards,

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