Need help getting RSS feeds to still work with restrictions


I have purchased Groups Restrict Categories, and already posted a message about how the RSS feeds were protected as well to protected categories. You responded quickly and let me know that is just how the plugin works, and that if I don’t want the feeds to be protected for a category, I must unprotect the category. Fair enough, I did so, and ran into a bigger issue. I had to protect all the posts individually because that category is for members only. By doing so, it appears those posts are now one by one being prevented from appearing in the RSS feed.

Here’s my example: the category Daily Messages is used to identify posts that are made daily that are for members only. When members are logged in, they can see all daily messages. When not logged in, they are redirected to my Protected Content page (this is working). I need /category/dailymessages/feed to include all Daily Message posts, regardless of whether they are protected. Right now, only one post appears and it is because it is not protected:

I have a very serious business need to have an RSS feed driven member newsletter, but it appears this is completely not possible in the realms of this plugin and all its extensions. I am struggling because the plugin works great but this is a common use-case I am sure and I really need help figuring out how to do this.

Thank you so much for your help!

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  1. kento September 1, 2014 at 3:20 pm #

    Hi Victoria,

    I understand the requirement you are outlining but what you propose would effectively void the content protection that Groups provides. If I understand correctly, you would have normal posts protected by Groups but the feeds would offer exactly that protected content without any protection at all. To me this sounds undesirable even though I think I understand what you’re trying to achieve is distribute the content to authorized viewers via feeds.

    A solution to this would be to add a facility (e.g. an access key included in feed URLs) so that authorized users can subscribe to feeds and the key grants access. This could be an interesting feature and I’ll review that but it won’t help you with an immediate solution as it would have to be implemented and tested first.

    A possible solution that you could make use of is to have your protected content on one side and use open posts to distribute the feeds, while every post in a feed would offer an excerpt of the protected content and readers could then access the whole content via a link in the feed?

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