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We\’re using affiliates pro/affiliates woocommerce/affiliates add this sharing plugin combo and having users curate our ecommerce shop and share – then comp\’ing them on the sale

Bunch of questions:
1.Is there any way to blast affiliate messages? ie to all affiliates on their dashboard
2.Is there a short code for their referral rate (ie to display on a page)
3.Affiliate anking – is there any way to display their rank compared to others as in a 5/10 format
4.Any idea when metrics by shared channel will be available
5.5. Affiliate URL-I see it showing as but when I am testing – I have set my admin email as an affiliate and the tracking code is therefore automatically appending to it ie Is this the same thing as it seems to be constant on every page. The way we use I just want the affiliates to be logged into account and it track whatever they share. As they will be sharing products less copy/paste and sort is majorly beneficial here. Just want to verify that this is correct
6.Earnings/Fees to be Paid – where does this code come from and what is timeframe around it
7.Paid – preusme this is just historical all time (again what is shortcode)
8.For Total Number of sales – trying to have the # of Sold, paid and owing over entire time they’ve been an affiliate –short codes?
9.Appears to be a log of transactions – [affiliates_affiliate_stats type=\”stats-referrals\” data=\”message\” show_pending=\”true\” show_amount=\”true\” /] – is this what that is?
10.Is it then possible to sort by day/week/month/year – I see time frame box but what is user supposed to input there? Is it drop down since inception type thing?
11.Any way to pull in the actual sales (from email, what they purchased and quantity, purchase price after discounts applied? Some of this may be in above but how to tweak (note its woocommerce affiliate plugin)
12.Is there any way to put geographical tracking in play?
13.As we’re using on woocommerce products, wanting to create a list of their best sellers – how would I pull this data in?

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  1. kfallis October 16, 2013 at 4:52 pm #

    Ok i see you applied as an affiliate and are in system so
    re 10 I don’t get notified by email of new affiliates? Why? That’s totally bizarre
    re 10 Are you in now – did you look. I don’t seem to have the ability to approve you
    re 5. i love how users don’t have to do anything to their URL to get credited other than be logged in. We’re using USER META plugin so maybe that’s it but whatever it is, the referral credits are absolutely working? Love to know

    • antonio October 18, 2013 at 9:45 am #

      It seems that your email system doesn’t work fine. I don’t receive anything. I have created a new wordpress user account (created correctly), but I have not received the wellcome email, and if I try get my lost password, not receive anything.

      5.- If you use it assign the customer to you affiliate with id 19. When you use this url, normally “?rsa=19” will be hidden. The parameter “#.UleYQ1CsiM5” isn’t created by Affiliates (maybe other plugin or your theme), but don’t worry it should not create problems.
      If you want create a commission when a new user is registered, you can use Affiliates Members.

  2. kfallis October 14, 2013 at 8:17 pm #

    re 13 not my best sellers — the best selling products the affiliates refer …ie which products they are sharing that are doing the best

    re 12 and 4 – how do you put these on the dev suggestion list

    re 2 that just post name/email not their rate

    re 5- there isn’t another plugin and it’s triggering the referral credit when things are checked out. we use the affiliates add this plugin – might this be it?

    re 10 – the fields have something to do with the referral log … some sorting feature …not sure if you can see but might show there

    • antonio October 16, 2013 at 7:40 am #

      13.- There isn’t a ranking implemented, you can use Affiliates API to create your own shortcode.
      12 & 4 .- These are on the list of suggestions, but still not planned when they will be developed
      2.- You must use “show_attributes” with referral.rate.
      5.- Sorry but I do not understand, if you can, give us the url to have a look.
      10.- Waiting for my user is an affiliate to have a look 😉

  3. antonio October 14, 2013 at 9:44 am #

    1.- You can use a newsletter system as Mailchimp to send messages to affiliates (Affiliates2Mailchimp integrates this).
    2.- You can use [affiliates_affiliate_profile /]
    3.- You can use Affiliates API to create your own shortcode.
    4.- Currently there isn’t planned .
    5.- The correct is, #.UleYQ1CsiM5 seems to be added by other plugin (normally slideshows adds this parameters).
    6, 7, 8.- [affiliates_affiliate_stats] can help you. If you need show more information, you can use Affiliates API and create your own functions.
    9.- Yes, you can use this shortcode to show referrals data.
    10.- Where?
    11.- Affiliates Woocommerce Views and Affiliates Extra Tokens can help you.
    12.- No.
    13.- Woocommerce documentation can help you to create your “best sellers”.

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