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How can set up rates based on results either 0-20 sales 5%, 21-50 sales 10% etc… or 0-$250 5%, $251 to $500 10% commission.

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  1. George April 27, 2021 at 9:52 pm #

    Hi Andrian,

    Thanks for using our affiliate marketing tool on shop, much appreciated.

    FYI, such a rate is possible if you use a Formula Rate and also adjust the commission percentages using a custom formula via the filter hook we provide for that purpose and can be found here:

    However, there are some points you should keep in mind for this formula and are not mentioned in your ticket. For example what is the interval that you are counting either the amount of sales or the income? Is it for a month of sales, a week or a different interval? Furthermore, and once you have the amount of ie sales referred the rate is going to apply thereafter for any of the future referrals or also for existing ones? Last but not least, once a referral is recorded by Affiliates Pro plugin, the commission is calculated on-the-fly for this referral once the system finds the applicable rate. If in your case you need to use an accumulative commission for a given interval then you should somehow adjust the referrals already recorded. You can either use a generic rate and after the interval update the existing referrals to match your desired commissions, or at the end of the interval add a new referral that will adjust the total of the commissions already granted.

    Kind regards,

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