Referals name changing all the time


Have you noticed that if you click on refferal link of some other user, it will change your refferal to his nick. That is not correct.
I have selected single refferal tracking option in settings. So only the first refferal should be assinged to my account.

Please check it and replay.

One Response to Referals name changing all the time

  1. George August 9, 2018 at 1:43 pm #

    Hi Eric,

    What do you mean by

    clicking on referral link of some other user

    also where did you notice the referral change?

    If we use [referrer_user] shortcode, we can show the visitor which affiliate has referred the user.

    For example: As a visitor I find John’s affiliate link somewhere on the web and I click on it. The referrer for me will be John. If afterwards I click on Paul’s affiliate link and click on it, Paul will become my referrer.

    Kind regards,