Referral Rate by Product

I initally configured my Affiliates Pro to have a percentage rate only for certain products. The products tab has disappeared from my products now and I am not sure how to correct this and require some assistance.
It seemed to disable by itself some time ago, possibly when an upgrade happened. I would also like advice on whether it is possible to update the affiliate fee retrospectively for my affiliates that have missed out as well as the details of the referral are sitting there but I am not able to see what was purchased to be able to pay them their commission.


One Response to Referral Rate by Product

  1. George May 4, 2015 at 3:03 pm #

    Hi Kristie,

    Which product tab are you referring to that disappeared? Which e-commerce plugin are you using?
    As for the retrospective payment of affiliates, you could do it manually. What data do you have for the referrals? What can you see under Affiliates>Referrals?

    Kind regards,

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