Restrict groups – need ‘not visible to… ‘ rather than ‘visible to…’

I think I might have misread the capabilities of this plugin as I thought I would be able to hide products from groups with a defined category. To give a little background, we have 3 groups – registered users, wholesale customers and other not for profit groups that we provide resources to at cost price (‘like-minded’). This all works well but we want to do a promotion of ‘bundled products’ to retail customers only so we wanted to hide these bundles from wholesale and like-minded customers. So what I really need I think is something that makes this category NOT VISIBLE to these two groups as when I set the read permissions to registered user these bundles are not visible to casual browsers of the site and guest buyers. Ideally, we don’t want everybody to have to register and login to see these bundled products. Any thoughts? Thanks.

One Response to Restrict groups – need ‘not visible to… ‘ rather than ‘visible to…’

  1. George March 27, 2020 at 6:19 pm #

    Hi Fiona,

    Thanks for choosing Groups for setting restrictions on your website.
    According to your description and please correct me if I’m wrong, these bundle-products consist of products in the same category or several different ones where each of your user groups have access according to their group?

    For the first case, you can restrict that category to a fourth group and each time a user registers, you should add them to that group.
    For the second case, you can restrict each of the bundle parts to another common group and each time a user registers, you should add them to that group and to the group where the bundle part category belongs to.

    Regarding visitors I’m afraid you can only apply restrictions to registered users since you can only add/remove a user to/from a group.

    Kind regards,

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