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I’ve purchased Affiliates Pro, Affiliates Users and the Affiliate Pro S2 Member Integration plugin.

I have 3 membership levels (0, 1, 2) in s2member. All three levels are free. New members start at level 0 and then upgrade to level 1. Then later on they upgrade to level 2.

I wish to track which referals are at what membership levels, and provide this information to the affiliate.

I am using the registration notification tip provided in a comment to someone else (s2Member > API / Notifications and under Registration Notifications… http://www.example.com/wp-content/plugins/affiliates-s2member/request.php?key=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&subscr_id=%%subscr_id%%&txn_id=registration&amount=0&user_first_name=%%user_first_name%%&user_last_name=%%user_last_name%%&user_full_name=%%user_full_name%%&user_email=%%user_email%%&user_login=%%user_login%%&user_ip=%%user_ip%%&user_id=%%user_id%%). This successfully shows the referral as accepted when a free registration to level 0 happens.


1. How can I set it so both the admin and the affiliate get a notification when a referral upgrades to the next level of free membership?

2. How can I generate a list of the first & last names of each referral in each affiliate\’s affiliate area?

3. How do I also show in the affiliate area which s2member membership level (0, 1, 2) the referral is?

4. Is it possible to modify the admin notification email to show profile fields for the referral (first name, last name, phone, custom address and custom date of birth)?

Many thanks for any help,

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  1. kento January 17, 2015 at 6:29 pm #

    Hi Rebecca,

    For #1 : this would require customized development. You can use the appropriate hooks based on the s2member API (see http://www.s2member.com/codex/stable/overview-summary/#src_doc_overview_description) and access the table wp_aff_subscriptions where you can look up the referring affiliate’s ID based on the subscription ID.

    – Add an action to the appropriate upgrade/downgrade hook.
    – Use the wp_aff_subscriptions table to obtain the affiliate_id based on the subscription_id.
    – If an entry has been found in step 2, email the affiliate with the related info.

    For #2 & #3 : You can use the data attribute to show referral details provided that they are stored with each referral. See Detailed referral overview for the shortcode affiliates_affiliate_stats usage.

    For #4 : You can use tokens in the notification emails, as long as the data is stored with the referral, you can use the tokens to include their values in the notification emails.


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