Setting Attribute Affiliate Tiers

Hi ..

How do i set a attribute in affiliate Tiers to be used in short code – can you give a example –

I am trying to use :


show_depth_title .

How do i enter this so i can let the user see the depth of the levels instantly ..

I have tried several options and i must be missing something ..
[affiliate_tiers show_depth_title “yes”] dosent render anything when user is logged in and have 3 levels ..

What am i missing …

One Response to Setting Attribute Affiliate Tiers

  1. George April 10, 2019 at 12:53 pm #

    Hi Patrick,

    You can add attributes like this in general:
    [shortcode_name attribute_name=”attribute_value”]
    and in this case it should be:
    [affiliate_tiers show_depth_title=”yes”]

    In case you need this again in the future, each shortcode has a description where example usage is presented.

    Kind regards,