Sharing % of referral (commission) with customer

Hi again!

I’m trying to do something a little creative here.

Following the same scenario as I described in my previous post, i.e. we’re a supplier of products that practitioners (our affiliates) will recommend to their clients.

Our affiliates get 25% on sales. I can manage this from the plugin settings. I’d like for our affiliates to be able to share some % with their clients. For example, imagine you are my client. You receive my affiliate link, click on it and buy products worth £100. I should be getting 25% “commission” on that sale. However, I would like to share my 25% with you by giving you a 5% discount, so in the end I get 20% and you also get a 5% discount.

If I use a coupon for 5%, that will mean that the company bares the discount, whereas I would like the affiliate to bare this. How can I do this?

Can I create different referral URLs for the same affiliate, with different referral rates for each of them? i.e. – no discount for client – affiliate gets full 25% commission – 5% discount for client – affiliate gets only 20% commission
/username10 for 10% etc.

Could you advise how to do this please?

Thank you!


One Response to Sharing % of referral (commission) with customer

  1. antonio October 2, 2013 at 6:18 pm #

    multiples url isn’t possible.

    You can
    1.- create a Woocommerce coupon.
    2.- Asign this coupon to an affiliate.
    3.- Use Affiliates WooCoupons plugin.
    When a customer use the affiliate link, if the affiliate has a coupon it is applied.


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