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I have a wish about affiliates_affiliate_stats which is a awsome feature.
[affiliates_affiliate_stats type=”stats-referrals” data=”user_login,user_email,first_name,last_name”/]

We have a lot of different “types” of referral items like sales, submissions, bookings, affiliate registrations… and it would be awesome if you could use [affiliates_affiliate_stats type=”stats-referrals”/] with a option of let’s say sales with a simple attribute like ref-type=”ADD YOUR REF TYPE”. Then you can use this this shortcode into different pages for examples Sales.

[affiliates_affiliate_stats type=”stats-referrals” ref-type=”ADD YOUR REF TYPE(sale)” data=”user_login,user_email,first_name,last_name /]

Is this something Itthinx Team have thought about?


One Response to Stats referrals

  1. George February 24, 2020 at 2:30 pm #

    Hi Jonas,

    Thanks for asking this and as a matter of fact I keep a customised version of the shortcode in this repository which displays the order details when the referral involves a sale.
    You are welcome to customise and extend the functionality in order to include details for any kind of referral.

    Another option would be to use the Affiliates Dashboard – Referrals which displays the type of referral in its default version, but again you can modify the referrals-entry.php template and enrich the output at will.

    Kind regards,

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